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The Fundamentals of Calorimetry

Calorimetry is the process of measuring the amount of heat released or absorbed during a chemical reaction. Reaction calorimetry is a potent and helpful tool to evaluate chemical processes and obtain information about non-scalable conditions and potential risks. These risks include increased temperature, pressure, and decomposition of chemical reactions. ...

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Why is temperature so important to achieve optimum battery performance?

Battery-powered devices are everywhere within society, and this is only set to increase, especially as the electric vehicle market grows. This results in the demand for higher-powered, longer-lasting, better-performing batteries. With this comes the need for tightened safety regulations to ensure the safety of these ever-improving batteries is not ...

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Better than the real thing? Lab-based photosynthesis hints at new fuel revolution

Ours is a world that fails to have positive relationships with plastic production and managing CO2 emissions. Plastic products are varied and societally important, yet it’s a relationship that comes with heavy environmental costs. Understandably, there is huge commercial interest in harvesting alternative resources and it looks like the ...

Changing black lives: Knowing the past opens the door to the future

October and February mark the annual celebration of African descendants' achievements and is a time for recognizing their central role in our Global History. At H.E.L Group, we are committed to taking meaningful actions to ensure diverse communities are represented, welcome, and supported at work.Inspiring conversation in Black History MonthHenrietta ...

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