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Beginner’s Guide to Flow Chemistry

For many, a journey into flow chemistry has just begun; therefore, understanding the key aspects of this process is extremely important. Flow chemistry can provide excellent solutions to the chemical industry when utilizing the best and most appropriate technologies to meet demands.

What is the human and financial cost of single-use technology reliance?

In recent months, shortages of sterile plastic “growbags” have threatened the global vaccine rollout, with manufacturers allegedly coming close to stopping production over the scarcity of sterile liners. But is there another way? Are we too reliant on single-use technologies?

Redressing the balance when viruses play

Over the last 18 months, the loss of life and livelihoods, disruptions, and lockdowns have certainly helped the COVID-19 causing virus to get under our skins. But, what is the entry mechanism that allows a virus like this to infiltrate on such an epic scale? Get ready to find out just how essential glycosylation of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein plays in taking virus infectivity mainstream.

Getting started with the PolyBLOCK

After recently starting at H.E.L, Aliko Chanda spent a lot of time getting familiar with the PolyBLOCK parallel reaction system. As well as a stand-alone system, the PolyBLOCK is a core component of many of the systems H.E.L supplies. She thought she’d share her observations about the PolyBLOCK and some facts you might find helpful.


Thinking Big: can Superstructures give medicine fresh hope

The SuperStructures Lab at the University of Trieste is seeking out smart, nano-structured, water-based, environmentally friendly biomaterials to create innovative therapeutic solutions for some of today’s greatest areas of medical interest. We are delighted that Dr. Silvia Marchesan, Associate Professor at the university, has taken us on a virtual tour of their current research…

Roadmap of V1.1 to V1.4 of labCONSOL®

The move to labCONSOL® V1.1 is just the beginning of an exciting period of development for the software. Here’s your run-through of four upcoming updates planned for release across the next 18 months. Each one tightens the integration of labCONSOL’s heightened user experience with WinISO’s proven software engineering and introduces additional features for improved laboratory efficiency and productivity.


H.E.L FlowCAT set up by Lee Edwards, an investigator and research fellow at GSKBatch Versus Flow in Pharma: The upsides of continuous chemistry

Does today’s take-up of flow chemistry in fields such as photochemistry, electrochemistry, and hazardous gas usage mean that the days are numbered for parallel batch reactor testing? We’ve been talking to leading experts in flow catalysis in pharmaceutical companies to determine how they address this topic.


Exploring the pitfalls of Flow Chemistry – industry and academic insight

Recently, H.E.L invited four specialist flow chemistry practitioners to speak at an online symposium on the topic. After the speakers had shared their research and experiences and answered questions from delegates, we took the opportunity to ask some questions of our own. Here, our speakers share their own ‘pain points’ of working in flow.


Getting the best from your vent sizing experiments

Dr. Roderick McIntosh shares his top tips for making sure that vent sizing experiments at the laboratory scale give you the information needed at the production scale….. read More

“Believe in yourself!” Reflections from women in science, in 2021

To mark the UN’s International Women and Girls in Science Day, some of H.E.L’s women in science share their insights of working in science and their own career experiences…. read More

H.E.L Low pressure bioreactorsInnovative Bioreactor Publications

We’ve been continuing our literature research, this time focusing on some publications that discuss interesting bioreactor applications …….read more

H.E.L BTC (Battery Testing Calorimeter) 500 imageBest Publications on Battery Testing to Read Now – Part 2

In our second part on battery testing (2019/2020), we highlight the unique applications that our customers use on our equipment. Its always great to see this work get the recognition it deserves from its peers …….read more

High Phi-Factor versus Low Phi-Factor Testing

A question that often crops up is what testing is best? Should we perform high Phi-factor or low Phi-factor tests? Is one better than the other?
As is often the case, there is no straightforward answer and it will depend on the desired …….read more


Best Publications on Battery Testing to Read Now – Part 1

We’ve been doing some literature research and have found a few interesting recent (2019/2020)
publications looking at battery testing. We’ve shared four of the most relevant ones here and…… more

Tandem Gas AnalysersFermentation process development using off-gas analysis of CO2 and O2

Real-time, on-line analysis of exhaust CO2 and O2 from your fermentation process provide a wealth of information to help you understand and control your fermentation process.
These are presented two case studies of the use of off the Tandem gas analyzer in fermentation process development.
read more


Test pre-preparation–Why you should evaluate your sample before testingTest pre-preparation–Why you should evaluate your sample before testing

After my previous post regarding loading a test cell, I am reminded of the time I had to manually inject caustic soda (sodium hydroxide – NaOH) into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). I charged the peroxide into the Phi-TEC II test cell and then started a “closed-cell” test. This style of testing allows for heating and temperature control to start before the two reagents are mixed. When the test conditions were ready, I carefully put a……….read more

, Qing (Steven) Chen took on leadership for the H.E.L business in China. Then, in June, Mert Sahin took on a similar role for our North American business.Thoughts from H.E.L North America & China

Over spring and summer 2020, two leaders for major geographies joined H.E.L. In March, Qing (Steven) Chen  took on leadership for the H.E.L business in China. Then, in June, Mert Sahin took on a similar role for our North American business. Now that they’ve had some opportunity to settle into their roles, our C.M.O Paul Orange caught up with them and got their thoughts on……….read more

feature image for blog artical on Problems With Your Sample, Solutions to charging low Phi-factor test cellsProblems With Your Sample? Solutions to charging low Phi-factor test cells

So, we’ve all been there. You have a new sample that you need to test on a Phi-TEC II, and you need to get the sample into the test cell. But wait a minute, here we have a solid sample, and a 1/8” feed line. Or perhaps you have a reaction mix that starts reacting immediately.
What do you do? How do you get around this?……read more