HEL is proud to present our new PolyBLOCK 8 XL. Building on our long-standing PolyBLOCK 8 product line.
Using these larger, highly instrumented reactors in parallel gives powerful data especially if combined with techniques such as DoE.

The PolyBLOCK 8 XL offers :

  • 8 interchangeable vessels with volumes to 50 ml – 500 ml (or even 1 L)
  • Full automation with a different recipe running in each vessel
  • Integrated choice of stirring options
  • Temperature range -40 ⁰C to 225 ⁰C
  • Interchangeable use of high-pressure reactors
  • Fully automated liquid and gas dosing
  • High-end options such as calorimetry, turbidity, FTIR etc.

Find out how the system can be configured for your process today.