Digi-Plate | Stirred Lab Reactors from 1 ml to 1 L

Traditional hotplate stirrer, great control, reproducible results

Digi-Plate is an automated reactor system designed for versatility and flexibility, whilst continuing to use standard, familiar, low-cost hardware.

Choose Digi-Plate laboratory hot plate stirrer when you need:

  • to see your data in real-time, with graphical visualisation
  • Safety features, such as user-configured shut-downs
  • Choice of reaction vessels
  • Reproducible data
Parallel operation

Up to eight totally separate tasks can be controlled and monitored by a PC.

Features and Options

Basic features include:

  • Flexibility and versatility – wide choice of reaction vessels, including round bottom flasks, high pressure vessels, etc.  Easy and quick exchange between vessels.
  • Efficient stirring as standard – vigorous suspended stirring available via magnets embedded in PTFE stirrers suspended on shafts driven.  These replace magnetic fleas and provide mechanical agitation without overhead motors.
  • Heating – controlled heating / insulating jacket for high temperatures


What’s included:
  • Digital stirred hotplate
  • Reaction vessel/s of choice (plus adaptor if required)
  • Magnetic stirrer
  • Temperature probe


Optional extras:
  • Overhead stirring
  • pH probe
  • Heating / cooling jacket
  • Syringe pump
  • Pressure vessels



Reactor options for process screening, optimization, and scale-up

H.E.L’s multi-reactor platforms accept a wide range of reactors including HPLC vials, test tubes, reaction tubes, flasks, custom reactor vessels, and even high-pressure vessels. Working volumes can range from as little as 1ml all the way up to 500 ml fully stirred reaction vessels.


Vials and Tubes
  • Volumes between 1 ml and 30 ml.
  • Agitated with magnetic fleas or suspended stirrers


Flat-Bottom Round Flasks
  • Suspended mechanical stirring.
  • Multiport PTFE lids.
  • Volumes between 5 and 250ml.


Custom Reaction Vessels
  • Efficiently stirred with suspended mechanical stirring.
  • Volumes between 75 ml and 500 ml.


High-Pressure Reactors
  • Options for both screening and optimization
  • Efficiently stirred with suspended mechanical stirring.
  • Up to 24 parallel samples per zone.
  • Volumes between 2 ml and 400 ml.

Manual Operation

Digital plate touchpad


Data Logging / Control

Walkaway operation with MicroNOTE touch screen PC for temperature and stirring control


Advanced Control

Liquid dosing, pH, high-pressure applications as well as on-line heat flow