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Online Heat Flow Calorimetry | For Heat Flow Data Generation

Online Calorimetry is an easy method for generating heat flow data from a chemical reaction. It provides the results automatically and in real-time and is intended as an introduction to calorimetry. It is useful for development chemists, as an important safety and scale-up information can be provided early in the development process using standard jacketed reactors. The methodology is rigorous, and H.E.L is willing to share its decades of experience of calorimetry with new users.

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Features and Options

Heat flow reaction Calorimetry enables:

Chemical Process Profiling

  • Indication of when the reaction is complete
  • Deviations in kinetics or reaction mechanism
  • Comparison of different synthetic routes or process changes
  • Indicate if the process is kinetic or dosing rate controlled

Hazard Evaluation
  • Cooling duty needed when the process is scaled up
  • Rise in temperature/pressure if the heat is not removed


Calorimetry for R&D chemists

Heat Flow calorimetry is fundamental to H.E.L’s controlling software. It is based on H.E.L’s decades of experience in safety and calorimetry. This has then been enhanced with procedures that enable reliable heat flow rate data to be obtained without offline calculations. This obviously saves time but also enables access to the thermal data of a reaction at an early stage of process development.

A combination of hardware probes and online calculation characterizes the reactor being used. This information is saved for subsequent use in an easy to access the database. Heat flow and enthalpy data can then easily be displayed at the end of each experiment.

The key features are the following:

  • Calculations are done automatically for the end-user, online
  •  No additional experimental time is required
  •  Data can then be saved and recorded for future use

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Download online heat flow calorimetry brochure