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H-Genie | Benchtop Hydrogen Generator

Simple, accessible, monitored Hydrogen production

The H-Genie® is a compact standalone high-pressure benchtop Hydrogen generator that produces Hydrogen safely from water electrolysis. The H-Genie is designed to be the first smart Hydrogen generator for chemists. The H-Genie is the only Hydrogen generator that offers variable gas flow rates, reaction monitoring, and pressure capability for expanded and faster chemistry.

When safety or cost concerns make it difficult to use compressed Hydrogen gas cylinders or prohibit the installation of fixed-line H2 supplies, the H-Genie is an ideal solution to providing high-pressure Hydrogen for both batch chemistry and flow chemistry applications.  The H-Genie is designed to easily fit within a standard fume hood and requires no special training to start using, unlike Hydrogen cylinders. Real-time monitoring and data recording capabilities allow the H-Genie to enter a safe shut-down mode if it detects an issue such as a pressure drop.
Using just water as a starting material, the H-Genie generates Hydrogen gas (H2) at 100 bar (1450 psi), at flow rates of 0.1-1 Nl/min

Typical applications include

  • Filling reaction vessels to a required volume or pressure, then maintaining the H2 pressure as it is consumed during a reaction
  • Supplying high-pressure H2 for flow chemistry reactions
  • Filling H2 balloons.
  • Monitoring H2 consumption during reactions – data is saved onto a USB stick for post-reaction analysis
  • Multi-use laboratories, where simple ‘plug-and-play’ design allows swapping between systems

H.E.L Group is a distributor for the H-Genie® and ScavCart™ products.
H-Genie, ScavCart, and ThalesNano Energy are all TradeMarks of ThalesNano Energy Zrt.


Hydrogen Production Rate
0.1 – 1 NL/min
Output Pressure Range
1 – 100 bar
Gas Purity
Gas Purity ≥99.99% (4.0 purity at 100 bar)
Water Purity
Deionized water, recommended purity of < 1 μS/cm
Water Consumption Rate
< 200 cm3/hour
Water Reservoir Capacity
Internal: 3 L
Power Requirements
Mains 100V to 240 V AC, 47-63 Hz
Unit Dimensions
345 X 365 X 460 mm
Unit Weight
38 kg
Tubing OD: 1/8″ – The output valve can accept any 1/8” pipe as it is an 1/8” compression fitting
Operating environment
10-35 oC; <80% Relative Humidity
Compatible Instruments
FlowCAT  – Flow Chemistry System

ChemSCAN – Catalyst Screening System

CAT systems – Catalysis Reactors

BioXplorer – High-Pressure Bioreactors



H.E.L Group H Genie Brochure 0421 2.1.pdf

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HYDROGEN Safety Whitepaper Final S.pdf

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