Simular // Heat-Flow Reaction Calorimeter with on-line result display
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Reaction Calorimetry with Simular

Reaction Calorimetry essential tool for Process R & D

A reaction calorimeter allows chemical reactions to be performed under for the precisely controlled conditions and at the same time enables heat released by the reaction to be measured. Scale up and plant safety are the main applications for the data but process development and optimisation are also important applications.

The HEL SIMULAR is designed such that it requires no specialist knowledge to setup experiments and obtain calorimetry data. Results are available immediately with real-time reporting and built-in calculations eliminating the need for off-line analysis, though for more complex systems this feature is available and off-line calculation software is supplied. In general, the system is considered to be both an ideal tool for safety and calorimetery specialists as well as being totally accessible to development chemists.

SIMULAR a jacketed and stirred laboratory reactor platform which delivers flexibility of operation without compromising data quality.

The system is designed to closely match your plant conditions, then integrate them into a bench scale system which is simple to operate and that provides data effortlessly. Typical design features that can be customised include temperature range, agitator type, stirring speed, reagent feed rate and even reactor geometry. It is widely regarded as the best, most flexible, reaction calorimeter available.

  • Multiple calorimetric methods

SIMULAR is designed to be used by both research chemists and safety specialists and this is claim is based around the technical features of the system. In particular, SIMULAR uses power compensation calorimetry as one of the techniques, unique to the SIMULAR, and this allows accurate determination of heat release without the need for time-consuming calibration or complex calculation procedures.

However, when conditions dictate, heat flow calorimetry, essentially the classic method traditionally used, that is also supported as standard.

  • Safe process scale-up

One of the most important uses of reaction calorimetery is to scale up stirred reactions safely and quickly. This is related to the fact that this calorimeter reports the rate of heat release as the reaction proceeds and if this rate is matched on the plant, safe operation is assured. The heat release rate directly determines the cooling duty specification for the larger scale reactor which is a key operational parameter.

Batch times are easily obtained from heat flow data and this also provides valuable information about the expectation after scale up.