FREE On-Demand Launch For labCONSOL: Laboratory Control Automation Software

labCONSOL(TM) brings effortless efficiency to your laboratory automation. labCONSOL is built around the next generation of the proven ‘WinISO’ software engine and introduces new features that enable scientists to improve laboratory efficiency and boost productivity.


  • Discover how we are bringing effortless efficiency to your automation
  • Designed around laboratory scientists and their research, labCONSOL brings a new level of efficiency and productivity to key processes in safety, chemistry, and biology
  • H.E.L shares an overview of labCONSOL, and discuss what it means to you, a user of H.E.L systems
  • You will also discover how to upgrade your systems

FREE On-Demand Mini-Symposium On: Pharma Industry Process Safety Trends

Featuring Speakers From:

Pfizer, Vertex, Jensen Hughes, Amgen, and H.E.L Group

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FREE On-Demand Webinar On: The Use of Isothermal Calorimetry in Battery Performance Testing

Contents Include:

  • How isothermal calorimetry works with batteries

  • What information do we gain from isothermal calorimetry

  • What this information means

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