Bioprocess Development

Elevate your bioprocessing capabilities with H.E.L Group’s adaptable and innovative BioXplorer range. The modular design increases flexibility and enables tailored solutions for diverse bioprocesses. Choose from an array of customizable configurations with seamless integration of third-party equipment.

From applications ranging from aerobic fermentation to high-pressure syngas fermentation, the BioXplorer product range delivers optimized solutions. Parallel reactor setups allow for efficient screening, harnessing robust control features to manipulate reactors, capture analytics, and fine-tune parameters.

Reduce costs, streamline operations, and reduce error risks while obtaining ‘real bioreactor’ insights. With H.E.L Group’s expertise, collaborative spirit, robust support, and exceptional service, our BioXplorer range can reshape your bioprocessing journey.

BioXplorer 100 Thumbnail Image

BioXplorer 100 | Bench-Top, Parallel 8 Bioreactor Platform

Bench-top, parallel 8 bioreactor platform, with 50-150ml volume…

BioXplorer 400 with Magnetic Agitation Thumbnail Image

BioXplorer 400 | Bench-Top, Parallel 4 Bioreactor Platform

The BioXplorer 400 has 4 reactors with working volumes of up to 400 ml…

BioXplorer 400P with Magnetic Agitation Thumbnnail Image

BioXplorer 400P | High-Pressure Bench-Top, Parallel 4 Bioreactor Platform

The BioXplorer 400P is an automated parallel pressure bioreactor system…

BioXplorer 400XL with Magnetic Agitation Thumbnail image

BioXplorer 400XL | Expanded Bench-Top, Parallel 8 Bioreactor Platform

The BioXplorer 400XL has 8 reactors, which allows the fast optimization of critical…

BioXplorer 5000 Product Icon

BioXplorer 5000 | Lab-Scale, Bioreactor Platform

Available in sizes 1-5L and in high- and low-pressure variants…

Tandems Product Icon

Tandem Off Gas Analyzers | Multi Line & Continuous Systems

Tandem Gas Analysers for on-line CO2 and O2 analysis of cell cultures…

BioVIS Product Icon

BioVIS | An Inline Cell Density Indicator Sensor

For the inline monitoring of total cell growth and biomass within a bioreactor…