Crystallization Studies

You know that crystallization parameters for your drug or chemical are essential for purification and analysis. Obtaining accurate solubility/MSZW data can take days. It is especially true if you need to work through multiple heat/cool cycles due to solvent/anti-solvent additions. You know that accurate heating, cooling, stirring control, and data logging are essential for accurate results.

Our crystallization studies solutions allow you to obtain this accurate data capture in a semi-automated way. They’ll also improve your laboratory efficiency as fully automated systems run multiple heat/cool cycles, gather the required data, and calculate the MSZW.

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CrystalSCAN | Parallel Crystallization Monitoring Platform

For determination of solubility curves and the MSZW of multiple samples, and optimization…

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CrystalEYES | Crystallization Monitoring Sensor

Detect the dissolution points and nucleation points of solutions during crystallization…