Process Safety and Scale-Up

In industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to fine chemicals, scaling-up bench-top chemical reactions to production volumes carries a number of risks and challenges.

Central to the risks involved with scale-up are the changes in heat loss behavior with scale:

  • Many reactions are exothermic and require cooling to ensure safe operation when performed on a large scale;
  • Components in the reaction may become unstable under certain operating conditions, leading to additional thermal hazards.
  • Identifying and mitigating risk sources during the process scale-up is necessary.

H.E.L Group has a range of solutions to help you identify and quantify thermal hazards at the laboratory scale, which support your process safety and scale-up requirements.

TSu Product Image

TSu | Thermal and Pressure Hazard Screening Platform

For the rapid screening of hazards in reaction mixes and samples.…

Phi-Tec Product Image

Phi-TEC I | Bench-Top, High Phi-Factor, Adiabatic Calorimeter

An adiabatic calorimeter for the characterization of thermal runaway hazards.…

Phi-TEC Product Icon

Phi-TEC II | Bench-Top, Low Phi-Factor, Adiabatic Calorimeter

An adiabatic calorimeter, for the replication of manufacturing plant conditions on a lab-scale…

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Simular | Process Development Reaction Calorimeter

A reaction calorimeter to investigate the thermal properties of a chemical reaction …