What’s the story behind H.E.L Group?

September 6

New Director of Global Service

New Director of Global Service

Alan Lockley joins H.E.L as Director of Global Service to enhance the customer experience with our solutions.

September 6

New Director of Product Development

New Director of Product Development

An experienced scientific and technical product development leader, Ed Quinn, joins the H.E.L management team.

September 6

New Director of Research

New Director of Research

After over 30 years at H.E.L Mark Appleton becomes Director of Product Research.  He will lead the design and development of the Company’s innovative products and services.

June 28

iso-BTC+ Launch


Following demand from customers, H.E.L Group released the iso-BTC+ calorimeter for isothermal battery performance testing. The iso-BTC+ enables the testing and characterization of larger and higher-powered batteries than other solutions in the BTC portfolio.

June 1

labCONSOL launched

labCONSOL on a laptop

labCONSOL introduces new features that enable scientists to improve laboratory efficiency and boost productivity, building on the success of the WinISO software. Built by in-house software engineers in collaboration with scientists, it enables researchers to track more accurately how an experiment is proceeding.

February 1

H.E.L India is born

India Flag over India on a Map

In response to India’s growing biotech and pharmaceutical markets, a new subsidiary was formed in India in February 2022, led by Rajeev Kumria. This was to enable a better customer experience and support for our customers in this region.

July 15

US team expansion

Operations in North America are expanded, with the establishment of a West Coast hub in California and a Central Region hub in Missouri. The new hub locations encompass not only sales but also technical and field application support, and instrument servicing. This helps to strengthen H.E.L’s presence in New Jersey and better serve customers on the Western Coast.

June 16

ISO 14001 certification

ISO Certification

H.E.L gets ISO 14001 : 2015 accreditation for its Environmental Management System.

April 1

Kevin O’Donovan appointed as Chair

Kevin O'Donovan

Appointed to the Chair of the H.E.L Board of Directors, Kevin’s appointment aims to help it deliver sustainable growth while continuing to help customers solve complex scientific challenges.

March 1

Technology moving forwards

A new product development process was implemented within H.E.L to move the product offering forwards and enable it to better serve customers and their testing requirements.

February 1

China subsidiary is born!

China flag overlaid on the country

Established in 2020, led by Qing (Steven) Chen, a subsidiary is established in Shanghai and Beijing to help support customers in China more effectively.

January 1


Blue and yellow logo

Under the brand new management team, H.E.L developed a new look, with new branding and a new website.

January 1

The beginning of the new H.E.L era

Louise Madden – Chief Executive Officer.

New investment is secured from Connection Capital, and a new management team headed up by Louise Madden is formed.

January 1

H.E.L begins to serve bio-technology markets

Old BioXplore Brochure

After acquiring the company Magellan, H.E.L start to develop BioXplorers for bio-process development.

February 1

The very first BTC

The very first product for our battery technology testing market was launched in 2010. Designed for hazard screening and safety testing, the BTC portfolio began.

January 1

The first FlowCAT

Launched in 2010, the FlowCAT was designed for the development of high-pressure continuous flow chemical processes

January 1

H.E.L lands in China

China Flag

New agent offices were established in Beijing and Shanghai to serve the growing customer demand.

January 1

CAT Block was first launched

Allowing high-throughput catalyst screening the CAT block was designed to allow high-pressure screening.

January 1

The first PolyBLOCK was born


The PolyBLOCK, a compact, multi-reactor platform, enables multiple reactions to take place simultaneously.

January 1

The first CrystalSCAN

The CrystalSCAN was launched to enable the monitoring of crystallization in reactions.

January 1

Hazard Evaluation Laboratories became known as H.E.L

Old H.E.L Logo

Everyone referred to the company as H.E.L, so in 2003, it was decided that the company would be officially renamed H.E.L.

February 1

The first TSu was launched

Designed to complement the existing process safety portfolio, the TSu was designed to allow for rapid screening of thermal and pressure hazards during the scale-up process.

January 1

The first High Pressure ChemSCAN launched

Original HP ChemSCAN

The very first ChemSCAN was launched to allow the rapid screening of high-pressure reactions and catalysts.

January 1

The first AutoMATE was launched

Original Automate

The AutoMATE I was designed to allow automated, parallel reactions to take place to improve efficiency and productivity in R&D and process development.

January 1

First subsidiary established

America Flag overlaid on country

Set up in Princeton, New Jersey, H.E.L’s first subsidiary was born to enable us to better serve our US customers.

January 1

The first Simular was launched

With the aim of building the process safety solution portfolio, the very first Simular was developed to give fundamental data for safe Process Development.

January 1

First hazard testing instrument developed

Original Phi-TEC I

The very first Phi-TEC II was developed. This was the start of product development that would enable customers to conduct their own hazard screening.

January 1

H.E.L was founded

H.E.L was founded

Dr Jasbir Singh founded H.E.L, formally known as Hazard Evaluation Laboratories. He founded the company with the aim of carrying out hazard testing on behalf of customers.