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Battery Testing Technology

Developing more powerful batteries with higher energy densities, quicker charging times, and longer lifetimes, requires detailed understanding of thermal safety and performance optimization.

High-energy batteries contain highly reactive and potentially hazardous chemicals. These batteries will operate under, and be subjected to, a range of conditions. Therefore, understanding battery thermal behavior is critical to controlling cell self-heating and mitigating thermal runaway risk. Self-heating can arise from normal usage or from being subjected to a stress condition.

The accurate detection of catastrophic failures and the factors that contribute to them is required when designing batteries and their safe operating limits. This can be caused by a variety of factors, including operating temperatures, improper installation, or charging, as well as physical damage to the battery.

Understanding battery performance behavior under isothermal conditions gives battery developers and device integrators powerful insights into the optimum operating conditions for the battery and cell.

With a long heritage of thermal safety and hazard evaluation, H.E.L Group can help you gain vital insights into battery behavior.

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Floor Standing iso-BTC+

iso-BTC+ | Floor Standing, Battery Performance Testing, Isothermal Calorimeter

Builds on the iso-BTC by allowing for testing of even higher power and physically larger batteries…

BTC-130 Product Icon

BTC-130 | Bench Top, Battery Safety Testing, Adiabatic Calorimeter

Enables the testing of thermal, electrical, and mechanical stress tests on smaller battery cells.…

BTC-500 Product Icon

BTC-500 | Large-Scale, Battery Testing, Adiabatic Calorimeter

Enables the testing of thermal, electrical, and mechanical stress tests on larger battery cells….

iso-BTC Product Icon

iso-BTC | Bench-Top, Battery Testing, Isothermal Calorimeter

For the characterization of thermal behavior and electrical performance of battery cells…

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