Flow and Batch Reactor Systems

A wide range of flow and batch reactors are specialized to conduct experiments such as catalysis and hydrogenation, bioreactors, or your specific research needs, to general chemical synthesis studies.

Available as single reactors with complete automation control, parallel systems with multiple independent simultaneous reactions running, or flow reactors for specific applications. These systems are compatible with a wide range of reactor designs, materials, and operating pressure capabilities. Available with a broad range of stirring, heating, pressure, and measurement options, these automated systems can effectively mimic large-scale operations at the bench.

With automation, process control, safety monitoring, and data capture through the labCONSOL platform, our systems support complex multi-parameter experiments where accuracy is paramount. Fully suited to automatic operation, with in-built safety hard-stops and recovery capabilities.

Auto Lab Product Icon

AutoLAB | Bench-Top Automated Reactor System

Customizable reactor platforms designed, configured, and tailored to you…

AutoMATE Product Icon

AutoMATE | Linear, Automated Parallel Synthesis Platform

For use in general chemical synthesis within R&D and process development…

PolyBLOCK Product Icon

PolyBLOCK | Compact Automated Parallel Synthesis Platform

Flexible and compact multi-reactor system offering independent agitation and temp control…

BioXplorer 100 Thumbnail Image

BioXplorer 100 | Bench-Top, Parallel 8 Bioreactor Platform

Bench-top, parallel 8 bioreactor platform, with 50-150ml volume…

BioXplorer 400P with Magnetic Agitation Thumbnnail Image

BioXplorer 400P | High-Pressure Bench-Top, Parallel 4 Bioreactor Platform

The BioXplorer 400P is an automated parallel pressure bioreactor system…

BioXplorer 5000 Product Icon

BioXplorer 5000 | Lab-Scale, Bioreactor Platform

Available in sizes 1-5L and in high- and low-pressure variants…

ChemSCAN Parallel Catalyst Screening

ChemSCAN | Parallel Catalyst Screening and Development Platform

Designed for the rapid screening of high-pressure reactions and catalysts…

FlowCAT Product Icon

FlowCAT | Bench-Top, High Pressure Flow Catalysis Platform

CAT systems Our complete range of multi-sample high throughput catalyst screening platforms…

CrystalSCAN Product Icon

CrystalSCAN | Parallel Crystallization Monitoring Platform

For determination of solubility curves and the MSZW of multiple samples, and optimization…