Chemical Synthesis

From identifying active molecules, through to pilot-scale synthesis, H.E.L Group provides a comprehensive range of automated reaction systems to facilitate your chemical synthesis, covering everything from research to development, optimization, and scale-up.

From small-scale process development and Design of Experiment (DoE) to calorimetric studies, our systems offer essential features, including:

  • Temperature control: to study the effect of temperature and thermal events on reactions
  • Overhead stirring: to simulate manufacturing conditions as early as possible during development
  • Data recording and reproducibility: our chemical synthesis systems are all automated and software-controlled. The data collected enables the understanding of the chemical process, as well as key insights for scale-up processes
  • Multiple reactions: using our parallel synthesis range, ideal for DoE and reaction investigations studies
  • Safety: minimize hazards and optimize reactions using our reaction calorimetry tools

Once the process has been defined at the bench scale, our scale-up solutions offer similar benefits to our process development range at pilot scale. These are ideal for performing proof-of-concept experiments before moving to the manufacturing scale.

With automation, process control, safety monitoring, and data capture through control software, our systems support complex multi-parameter experiments where accuracy is paramount. Fully suited to automatic operation, with in-built safety hard-stops and recovery capabilities.

Auto Lab Product Icon

AutoLAB | Bench-Top Automated Reactor System

Customizable reactor platforms designed, configured, and tailored to you…

AutoMATE Product Icon

AutoMATE | Linear, Automated Parallel Synthesis Platform

For use in general chemical synthesis within R&D and process development…

PolyBLOCK Product Icon

PolyBLOCK | Compact Automated Parallel Synthesis Platform

Flexible and compact multi-reactor system offering independent agitation and temp control…

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Simular | Process Development Reaction Calorimeter

A reaction calorimeter to investigate the thermal properties of a chemical reaction …

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