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Join Paul Orange and his guests as he gets under the skin of the impact that Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and Biotechnology have on the modern world. From keeping us safe to producing biofuels, you’ll discover the many ways that Chemistry plays a huge role in how we live our lives today. A new episode will be released every month, so subscribe to have the latest one drop straight into your favorite podcast feed.

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Vivek Polshettiwar – Catalyst for change

Episode 21 of the Modern Chemistry podcast features Professor Vivek Polshettiwar, interviewed by Purnima Parkhi. Prof Vivek is a Leading researcher in nanotechnology. He runs a nano-catalysis Laboratory in TIFR, integrated into the Division of Chemical Sciences (DCS).

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Nigel Taylor – EV batteries – that’s quite a challenge

Episode 20 of the Modern Chemistry podcast features Nigel Taylor. Nigel is the founder of – ‘Designed by battery engineers for battery engineers’.

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Deb Maiti – It takes a community to functionalize a C-H bond

Episode 19 of the Modern Chemistry podcast features Prof.  Debabrata Maiti. Prof. Maiti is a Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay, where he works on catalysis of functionalizing carbon-hydrogen bonds. 

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Sebastian Gross – The devil is in the data

In episode 18 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast, we talk to Dr. Sebastian Gross about how his experience has taught him the importance of data and how it helps him support his clients.

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Amanda Morris – Energy from sunlight

Episode 17 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast features Dr. Amanda Morris, Associate Chair and Professor of Chemistry, and the Patricia Caldwell faculty fellow at Virginia Tech. In addition, Amanda is an associate editor of Chemical Physics Reviews, an editorial advisory board member for ACS Applied Energy, Materials and Energy Chemistry, and an ACS (American Chemistry Society) expert in sustainable energy.

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Ben Schumann – Precision tools and carbohydrates

Episode 16 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast dives back into glycobiology and its practical application with Benjamin Schumann. Ben is an award-winning chemical biologist who studies the biology of carbohydrates (glycans).

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Monica Perez-Temprano – The building blocks of catalysis

Episode 15 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast is a deep discussion with Monica Perez-Temprano about studying the mechanisms of catalytic processes. Monica Is a group leader at ICIQ (Institut Català d’Investigació Química / Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia), Tarragona, Spain. Her group focuses on the ‘Development of new chemical transformations: From organometallic mechanistic studies to catalysis’.

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Elisa Fadda – Computing carbohydrates

Episode 14 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast is a deep discussion with Elisa Fadda about all things glycosylation, particularly how glycosylation of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein plays an essential role in the infectivity of the COVID-19 causing virus.

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Silvia Marchesan – SuperStructures and the looking glass

Episode 13 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast features Dr. Silvia Marchesan, Associate Professor at the University of Trieste, Italy (Università Degli Studi di Trieste) and head of the SuperStructures Lab. Prior to her current position, Silvia has worked in the UK and Australia, using a range of biology and chemistry techniques. Her current research focus includes the self-assembling properties of superstructures and how to design the necessary building blocks that create those structures.

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Vittorio Saggiomo – Constant Curiosity

Episode 12 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast features Dr. Vittorio Saggiomo, Assistant Professor at Wageningen University, Netherlands. Vittorio describes himself as an “organic chemist turned in new technology and applications. Microfluidics, 3D printing, microcontrollers and automation, sensors and devices”. His research uses 3D printing and other novel technologies to develop accessible scientific devices and processes.

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Stephen Hilton – The new technology of science

Episode 11 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast is a wide-ranging interview with the self-declared ‘Scientist, less as a chemist’ Stephen Hilton, Associate Professor at University College London, School of Pharmacy. Steve uses 3D printing, virtual reality, and accessible automation to support his research. We talk about the benefits of these tools and how they can open up scientific research, especially in the field of flow chemistry.

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Christian Gunder – Fermenting change

Episode 10 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast heads to the Mid-West US, Nebraska, to be precise. We interview Christian Gunder, a fermentation microbiologist currently working at Cargill. Christian works on developing and optimizing a fermentation process for the lactic acid product, which is then put to very interesting use.

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Jeff Sperry – Safer, Earlier

Episode 7 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast is the first one recorded since the start of the global COVID 19 pandemic. Jeff Sperry and Paul talk about how safety analysis is vital earlier in process development, specifically drug discovery, rather than waiting until you have a new process and being told it’s unsafe.

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Kevin Lam – The Electric Chemist

For episodes 5 and 6 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast, Paul interviewed Kevin Lam. Kevin’s research interests focus on the applications of electrochemistry, particularly in organic electrochemistry, organometallic electrochemistry, and medicinal electrochemistry.

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Shmuel De-Leon – All things Battery

For episode 4 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast, Paul Orange interviewed Shmuel De Leon. Since 1990, Shmuel has worked with batteries, energy cells, and other energy storage devices. This podcast covers how battery technology is rapidly evolving and what challenges are being addressed.

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Nessa Carson – Chemistry with ROBOTS!

For episode 3 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast, Paul interviewed Nessa Carson. Nessa currently works for Pfizer in the UK in high throughput Chemistry and has previously worked for AMRI in a similar role. They discuss how robots have helped her in her work and how modern interdisciplinary chemistry needs to be.

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The Flow State – Making Catalysis More Efficient

For episode 2 of the Modern Chemistry Podcast, Paul interviewed Russell Taylor, Lecturer in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry & ESPRC Manufacturing Fellow, and Sam Raynes, Ph.D. student. Both at Durham University, UK.

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Understanding The Science Of Safety With Jensen Hughes

For episode 1, the first episode of the Modern Chemistry Podcast, Paul interviewed Damian Stefanczyk, Senior Consultant, and Jens Conzen, Associate Director of Industrial and Process Safety at Jensen Hughes.