H.E.L Explains

H.E.L Explains

H.E.L Explains is a series of videos to help explain and educate scientists in the application areas of Process Safety, Battery Testing Technology, Bioprocess Development, Catalysis and Hydrogenation, Chemical Synthesis and Crystallization Studies. To get notifications on the latest videos to this series hit the subscribe button on our YouTube Channel.

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H.E.L Explains: 5 Surprising products of chemical synthesis you didn’t know about

Discover the hidden impact of chemical synthesis in our daily lives. From shampoo and painkillers to synthetic vanilla and polyester, explore five surprising products of chemical synthesis that shape our world in unexpected ways.

H.E.L Explains: Battery Testing: Calorimetry vs Environmental Chambers Explained

In this episode of H.E.L Explains, we look at the difference between calorimetry and environmental chambers.

H.E.L Explains: Mastering Digestive System Simulation: 5 Key Insights for Parallel Bioreactors

Explore the dynamic world of the human microbiome in our video, uncovering its profound impact on health and disease. This video looks at our top 5 tips for effectively simulating the digestive process using bioreactors, offering valuable insights into this complex ecosystem.

H.E.L Explains: The journey through the gut

The digestive process can be regarded as a journey. From the mouth until it becomes feces, the food we ingest travels through different chambers with wildly different conditions and is populated by different microorganisms. We will look at this journey and its importance.

H.E.L Explains: The gut microbiome and its benefits

Humans are never alone. Beside us, thrives a bustling community of microbes, so much so that microbes and human cells coexist within us nearly in a 1:1 ratio. This episode of H.E.L Explains looks at the gut microbiome and its power.

H.E.L Explains: Lithium-sulfur batteries – Could they replace lithium-ion batteries?

We look at lithium-sulfur batteries and how they could impact the battery market. You can read the full blog here, and see our full range of Battery Testing Technology equipment here.

H.E.L Explains: 5 Top bench-scale strategies to ensure a smooth scale-up process

In this video we look at our 5 top strategies to make your scale-up as smooth and efficient as possible.

H.E.L Explains: Thermodynamics of Life

In this episode of H.E.L Explains, we look at the thermodynamics of life and why it is fundamental that we unravel biothermodynamics.

H.E.L Explains: Phi factor

In this episode of H.E.L Explains Mario Toubes-Rodrigo looks at the unsung hero in calorimetry, phi factor.

H.E.L Explains: What are thermal runaways, and why should we care?

In this episode of H.E.L Explains, Mario Toubes-Rodrigo looks at what thermal runaways are and why we should care about them.

H.E.L Explains: Heat Flow vs Power Compensation Calorimetry

In this episode of H.E.L Explains, we build on your previous videos by looking at the differences between Heat Flow vs Compensation Calorimetry.

H.E.L Explains: Coffee Cup Calorimetry

This episode focuses on the practical and theoretical considerations for implementing safety relief systems. We discuss the testing and evaluation tools, operational considerations, and possible business impact and considerations.

H.E.L Explains: Bioreactors for 21st Century Challenges

In this video of the H.E.L Explains series, we look at bioreactors and how they can help us with challenges presented to us in the 21st century. Read the blog here: Check out our bioreactor solutions here.

H.E.L Explains: History of Bioreactors

In this video of the H.E.L Explains series, we look at the history of bioreactors and how the influence us today. Read the blog here.

H.E.L Explains : The Risk of Lithium-ion Batteries

E-scooter and e-bike fires have recently made headlines, while Samsung Galaxy phone fires started aboard commercial aircraft a few years ago have also recently made headlines. Lithium-ion batteries are the one thing all these incidents have in common. Read our blog here: Check out our Battery Testing Technology equipment here.

H.E.L Explains: The basics of Calorimetry

Calorimetry is the process of measuring the amount of heat released or absorbed during a chemical reaction. Learn more on the basics of calorimetry and how it can help you design safer reactions. Check out our blog here: View our Simular System.