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Do you need to optimize the efficiency, safety, and productivity of critical processes in your lab?
But are looking to partner with a company that has a proven history of solving complex technical challenges? Then H.E.L Group is here for you.

We have developed and manufactured innovative scientific instruments and software since 1987 for the chemistry, safety, and biotech industry. With over thirty years of experience, we can offer you confidence in the safety of our systems and trust that the information they generate gives you the solutions you need.


Key Applications

Product Areas

Battery Technology Testing

Process Safety and Scale-up


Chemical Synthesis 

High-Pressure Catalysis


Flow and Batch Reactor Systems

Parallel Reactor Systems

Bioreactor Systems and Sampling

Adiabatic and Isothermal Calorimeters

Automated Laboratory Reactors

Accessories and Software

Recent News

H.E.L India opening further strengthens H.E.L’s global presence with regional hub-based service and customer support Expansion will focus on supporting high…

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LC_1.2 launch

Integrated calibration tools facilitate multi-parameter calibration across all lab systems Added new features to control test plan progression broaden support for…

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quality assurance across our whole brand

  Every year, the 14th of October is world standards day.  In 2021, world standards day focuses on a “shared vision…

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