BTC | Adiabatic Battery Testing Calorimeter

H.E.L’s Phi-TEC range of adiabatic calorimeters has been expanded to include the “Battery Testing Calorimeter” or BTC. The operating principles are the same as a standard “ARC” system, which is a thoroughly proven method in adiabatic testing, but the BTC has been specifically designed for the investigation of large and small battery testing.

One of the key reasons for a change in the design of the unit is the size and shape of cells and battery packs that need to be tested. Traditional adiabatic calorimeters can handle the smaller cells, typically up to 18650 cells but not much larger samples. The calorimeter allows for higher energy and larger cells to be tested. As standard, the BTC can define the maximum safe temperature of the cell but can be configured to also include multiple charge and discharge cycle tests which allow overcharge (voltage) limits and discharge (current) rate limits to be defined.


One system for all tests

The BTC is very versatile due to the proprietary adiabatic control model used in the control and this allows accurate results are produced for small batteries, 18650 batteries and much larger batteries and battery packs, including EV, HEV, Military and commercial aircraft.

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