TSu | Thermal Screening Unit for Explosion Hazards Liquids and Powders

The fast screening of thermal hazards can be performed with the Thermal Screening Unit (TSu). It uses samples typical from 0.5 to 5 g, will generate both temperature pressure data and hence can be considered a better alternative to classical DSC/DTA methods.

For Effective reaction hazards screening, two critical pieces of data are needed

  • The “Onset” Temperature for the reaction – where the exotherm is detected
  • The pressure generated by the runaway – key indicator of hazard

The TSu is simple to operate, has a small footprint, and offers the flexibility of operation. In addition with sample cells from 1 ml to 8 ml, a range of materials can be tested including powders.

A low-temperature version is also produced allowing screening starting well below room temperature.

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Operating Modes

The principle operation is a simple oven temperature ramp (0.5-10 ° C/min), with sample temperature and pressure allowed to vary independently. Exotherm and gas evolutions are indicated by a spike in the sample Temperature and/or Pressure traces.

Additional operating modes are available as standard including

  • Isothermal (stability)
  • Dual-Scan
  • Soak & Scan


Multiple Units:

Several Thermal Screening Units can be used in parallel, running from the same computer. This is a cost-effective method of screening large numbers of samples. The compact design of the instrument makes it easy to fit several units into a standard fume cupboard.


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