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Webinar Archive

India Battery Presentation Image

Watch on-demand the presentation, Rajeev Kumria, H.E.L’s General Manager for India, presented at the EMobility Vision Conference.

Process Safety Pharmaceutical Image

In this webinar, Rajeev Kumria and Purnima Parkhi from H.E.L Group are joined by Mr. Vijay Bhujle, to discuss the challenges facing the Pharmaceutical Industry and how Process Safety is critical to their success.

Simular Webinar Part 1 image

The webinar will cover everything from calorimetry methods, including power compensation, heat flow, and isoperibolic calorimetry, to calculating the Maximum Temperature of Synthesis Reaction (MTSR) with the H.E.L Simular and why the calculations are an asset to your applications.

Flow Chemistry Symposium

Flow and catalysis experts talk to us about the benefits and challenges of transferring a batch into a flow process. It includes an evaluation of catalysts in a trickle bed reactor, cascade conversion of biomass platform chemicals, and high-energy photochemical taming.

Isothermal and Adiabatic Calorimeter Webinar

Dr. Golik hosted this webinar as part of their December 2020 energy series. He discusses how better batteries can be designed with the help of isothermal and adiabatic calorimetry and what it means for future safety and effectivity of batteries.

Vent Sizing On-Demand Mini Symposium

This seminar focuses on the practical and theoretical considerations for implementing safety relief systems. In the seminar, we discussed testing and evaluation tools, operational considerations, and possible business impact and considerations.

labCONSOL Launch

This webinar on labCONSOL(TM) looks at the effortless efficiency and increased productivity it can bring to your laboratory automation. Built around the next generation of the proven ‘WinISO’ software engine, we’ll discuss how labCONSOL(TM) can take your laboratory to the next level.

Webinar Process Safety Mini Symposium demand

Joined by a panel of experts from Pfizer, Jensen Hughes, and Vertex, this webinar explores process safety trends within the Pharma industry. We’ll have presentations on the development of explosive screening devices and workflows and the thermal stability of Temozolomide.

Isothermal Calorimetry on Batteries webinar

This webinar will explore the use of isothermal calorimetry in battery performance testing. We’ll explore how it works, what beneficial information can be gained from isothermal calorimetry and what it all means.