Bioreactors play a crucial role in the screening of bioprocesses by enabling efficient and high-throughput evaluation of various parameters and conditions. This is especially true when multiple bioreactors can be operated in parallel, allowing for the simultaneous evaluation of a range of conditions and strains, significantly accelerating the process.

How can the media feed be optimized?

Different strains have different medium requirements in terms of carbon and nitrogen sources, vitamins, and micro and micronutrients. However, different feeding strategies will also impact the growth and efficiency of cultures.

Batch feeding

This approach adds nutrients to the bioreactor in a single batch. It proves a controlled and defined nutrient environment for the screening process.

Fed-batch feeding

This type of feeding consists of continuous or intermittent feed addition throughout the cultivation process. Fed-batch feeding provides greater control over nutrient availability. Tuning the feed rate, nutrients, and compositions can result in significant growth, productivity, and product quality.

Continuous feeding

This approach consists of the continuous addition of feed of nutrients to the bioreaction at a constant rate throughout the process. This results in a controlled nutrient availability and growth rate, enhancing product performance.


The BioXplorer is a powerful tool for screening processes. Its capabilities to control the different vessels (4 or 8, depending on the BioXplorer model) individually allow for evaluating different parameters, producing exceptionally accurate and detailed data. On the other hand, its integration with WinISO allows for the automatization of the process, reducing the risk of human error and the tight control of the conditions. This results in the generation of statistically robust data. Combining these capabilities, positions the BioXplorer as an invaluable tool for effective and efficient bioprocess screening.

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