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labCONSOL® brings effortless efficiency to your laboratory automation.
Built around the next generation of the proven ‘WinISO’ software engine and introduces new features that enable scientists to improve laboratory efficiency and boost productivity.


Designed around the user and their experience, labCONSOL combines:

  • rapid data capture modes,
  • advanced real-time data display engine,
  • automated monitoring of experiment completion and failure states,
  • across single or multiple parallel reaction systems.

Enabling researchers to quickly and accurately track how an experiment is proceeding, focusing on the most critical aspects, avoiding unnecessary repeated lab work, which can be both costly and time-consuming.

labCONSOL V1.2 is now available
This release, focuses on our process safety customers, with the ability to “pause terminations” mid-test. There are also improved MTSR and TMR calculations in our iQ data analysis software. V1.2 also helps all of our customers with new calibration functionality, designed to be as intuitive as possible.

labCONSOL is standard on all new systems and existing H.E.L customers can learn more about upgrading their current systems to labCONSOL by completing the form to this page’s right (or bottom on mobile). Alternatively, contact your local H.E.L representative for additional information.

The Future
This is not the end of labCONSOL, and more can be read about the roadmap of labCONSOL in a recent blog, which can be found here.

On-Demand Demonstrations
Your time is precious to us, so we have created a series of short walk-through videos highlighting how labCONSOL will bring effortless automation to your laboratory. Watch as we demonstrate some of the key features, which includes:

  • Configuring your workspace
  • How to create and load new plans
  • Loading and using apps
  • Using the property viewer and graphing apps

These can be found below or direct on YouTube


We are proud to announce that labCONSOL was shortlisted for the Innovation Award by The Medicine Maker magazine.

The innovation Awards 2020 was a celebration of the top manufacturing technologies and drug development over the last 12 months.

Medicine Maker Innovation Awards 2020