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The 25th Kalorimetrietage conference in Braunschweig, Germany, takes place on 31st May-2nd June 2023.

Dedicated to all aspects of calorimetry applications, this year’s event will focus on process safety within the chemical industry, including using calorimetry to improve the efficiency of energy transformations and biomedical calorimetry. The conference will bring together a wealth of calorimetry experience from across chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, industry, and environmental sciences industries making it the perfect event to network with other industry experts.

On Thursday 1st June, Reinhard Eser will be at the event and is available to meet with you to discuss your process safety and calorimetry needs and how H.E.L can help you to make them not only more efficient but also more productive. There are limited slots available, so book yours fast before they go.


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