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Efficiency with PolyBLOCK

Are you ready to elevate your research precision and efficiency?

Meet PolyBLOCK, the Compact Automated Parallel Synthesis Platform, now with enhanced Design of Experiments (DOE) capability. PolyBLOCK is your ultimate partner in achieving innovation and excellence in synthesis.

Enhanced Research Capabilities: Automate and parallelize your synthesis for faster, more accurate results.

Optimized Workflows: Leverage DOE for efficient and effective experimental planning.

Space-Saving Design: Compact yet powerful, integrating effortlessly into your lab.

Ease of Use: User-friendly software that simplifies complex processes.

PolyBLOCK 4 and PolyBLOCK 8

Join the forefront of research innovation with PolyBLOCK. Revolutionize your lab’s efficiency and precision today!

Why choose PolyBLOCK?

Automated Precision

Say goodbye to human error and hello to reliable, reproducible results. Our state-of-the-art automation ensures every reaction is performed with unmatched accuracy, giving you confidence in your data and outcomes.

Parallel Synthesis

Why settle for one reaction at a time when you can conduct multiple simultaneously? PolyBLOCK’s parallel synthesis capability drastically reduces your research time, allowing you to achieve more in less time and boosting your productivity to new heights.

Compact and Efficient

No need to worry about space constraints. PolyBLOCK’s space-saving design fits seamlessly into any lab environment, offering maximum functionality without compromising your valuable lab space.

Design of Experiments (DOE)

Unlock the power of systematic research with DOE methodologies. PolyBLOCK helps you plan, conduct, and analyze your experiments with precision, optimizing your processes and delivering superior outcomes

User-Friendly Interface

Complex processes have never been simpler. PolyBLOCK’s intuitive software allows for easy setup, monitoring, and analysis, so you can focus on your research instead of wrestling with complicated systems.

Ready to transform your research with PolyBLOCK?

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Equipment tailored to your needs

H.E.L has a well-established history of creating customized, automated solutions for chemical synthesis. Discover more about our built-in features and expandable options designed to enhance your operations and safety protocols.

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PolyBLOCK | Compact Automated Parallel Synthesis Platform

Flexible and compact multi-reactor system offering independent agitation and temp control…