How can the pilot scale help reduce future risks?

At a pilot scale state, bioprocesses are tested under conditions that mimic industrial-scale operation. However, their smaller size offers a more manageable and controllable environment. This can provide a safety net; if issues arise, they can be addressed more cost-efficiently than at a full industrial scale. Thus, the pilot scale can serve as a crucial checkpoint, allowing for the early identification and correction of problems.

The pilot scale also can function as the training ground for operators, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of process dynamics, equipment, and controls. This familiarization process can be helpful and reduce the risk of operation error, leading to safety incidents at full-scale production. Additionally, the data generated during the pilot stage can be used to validate the process.


The BioXplorer, especially the BioXplorer 5000, is an excellent platform for scale-up processes. This model can operate at regular or high pressure and up to 5 L volumes. This facilitates a comprehensive understanding of critical processes that can be affected during scaling-up, such as energy and mass transfer at a larger scale. Moreover, it enables the exploration of oxygen and nutrient distribution dynamics, proving its worth as a versatile tool for optimization.

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