BioXplorer 5000 | Lab-scale bioreactor platform

The BioXplorer 5000 and 5000P single bioreactor systems are ideally suited to drive your scale-up efficiency.  These systems are highly automated and highly customizable.  The BioXplorer 5000P is the ideal choice for pressure applications up to 10 bar, ranging from syngas fermentation to processes driven by cell-free biocatalysis.

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The BioXplorer 5000 and 5000P single bioreactor systems are suitable for a wide range of applications including syngas fermentation and cell-free biocatalysis with:

  • Automated inventory monitoring
  • BioVIS optical probe to monitor cell density trends without taking samples
  • Choice of reactor sizes and types, including elevated pressure designs (up to 10 bar)
  • Fully automated control


The H.E.L control software runs the BioXplorer 5000 system, enabling complex, fully automated experiments to run unattended.
This enables:

  • Full reactor control with unlimited step recipe planning. Plans can be changed online at any time without process interruption
  • The individual reactor temperature and agitation control
  • User-defined data-logging with customizable tabular and graphical displays
  • Export data functions and integration with in-house electronic lab notebooks and record-keeping systems
  • DoE and QbD package integration

More specifically, the software controls a wide range of system features, including:

  • Temperature
  • Gas feeds, flow and mix
  • pH
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Redox
  • Stirrer speed
  • Torque (for viscosity indication)
  • Pressure
  • Liquid feed rates
  • Antifoam and level detection


Gas Feeds

  • Choose from simple or more sophisticated gas flow control regimes
  • Bioreactor can be configured with single or multiple mass flow controllers
  • For microbial fermentations, automatic oxygen enrichment is possible
  • CO2 can be used for pH control
  • Ratios of several gases can be mixed and regulated with online feedback from off-gas analytics


Liquid Feeds

  • Choice of liquid feeds for standard and pressure applications
  • high pressure metering pumps enable exceptional pH and dosing control as well as a wide operating range

pH, Dissolved Oxygen and Redox

  • A wide range of probes are available to cater for different fermentation types, reactor sizes and applications
  • All probes are integrated into the WinISO software to allow automated monitoring and feedback loops

Off Gas Analysis

  • Tandem off-gas analysis units monitor and control a culture process continuously
  • This enables calculation of oxygen uptake rate (OUR);  carbon dioxide production rate (CPR) and respiration quotient (RQ)

Cell Density and Biomass Monitoring

  • BioVIS enables the online monitoring of cell growth and biomass reducing  requirements for online sampling
  • Viable cell density probes can also be integrated


Technical Literature

The following is a list of supporting Technical Literature.

The use of a H.E.L BioXplorer in fermentations of Cupriavidus necator H16 at elevated pressure using CO2 as the sole carbon source


The following are a list of some technical publications which highlight the use of the equipment.

Innovative high pressure/high temperature, multi-sensing bioreactors system for microbial risk assessment in underground hydrogen storage

Nicolò Santi Vasile, Ruggero Bellini, Ilaria Bassani, Arianna Vizzarro, Annalisa Abdel Azim, Christian Coti, Donatella Barbieri, Matteo Scapolo, Dario Viberti, Francesca Verga, Fabrizio Pirri, Barbara Menin

02-Jan-2024 or purchase maybe required for full access)

Isobutanol production freed from biological limits using synthetic biochemistry

S. Sherkhanov, T.P. Korman, S.Chan, S. Faham, H. Liu, M.R. Sawaya, WT. Hsu, E. Vikram, T. Cheng, J.U. Bowie

01-Dec-2020 or purchase maybe required for full access)


The following are a list of available downloads.

Biotechnology Solutions

BioXplorer Specification Book