Every year, the 14th of October is world standards day.  In 2021, world standards day focuses on a “shared vision for a better world” to address challenges such as climate change through collaboration. The importance of standardization to support collaboration is articulated by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) on their website:

“The entire standards system is built on collaboration. It is testament to the power of cooperation and the belief that we are stronger than the sum of our parts. By working together, we are empowering people with real-world solutions to face sustainability challenges head-on.”

As a long-term believer in standardization and sustainable development goals, H.E.L Group has been committed to the International Organisation for Standardization, ISO 9001 standard for many years. ISO 9001 certification was first achieved in 2001 and has been the basis of our Quality Management System ever since.

In more recent times, H.E.L Group has continued to invest in a more profound quality management system.

  • In 2020, Roy Eggleston was appointed to the newly created role of Global Quality Manager.
  • Since then, we have added another two staff members to the quality team to support Roy and our quality and standardization approach.
  • In 2020, H.E.L invested in a company-wide ERP system to drive standard processes and provide the information required to drive continuous improvement activities.
  • In 2021 our management system was expanded to encompass the ISO 14001 standard to strengthen our approach to environmental management and better control our environmental impact.

Roy Eggleston, Global Quality Manager at H.E.L, commented
Using standards like ISO 9001 aids our processes in the creation of products and services that are safe, reliable, and of good quality while promoting a culture aimed towards growth and continuous improvement. All while monitoring our environmental performance and promoting a culture of sustainability and minimization of waste.
On a practical level, this translates into our customer’s experience. Our systems are used in situations where safety is paramount, such as working with high pressure or high temperature. They are also used to determine safe operating conditions for the manufacture of essential products that society needs. Our systems must work following the standards that keep users and the general public safe.”

Louise Madden, C.E.O. at H.E.L added
“Our mission at H.E.L is to help create a Healthier, Sustainable, Safer world for everyone. I applaud ISO for focusing this year’s standards day on addressing some of these major global challenges. It’s particularly encouraging to hear standards and standardization as an enabler for successful collaboration. Collaboration is a key value for all of us at H.E.L., and we believe that working together is the way that we’ll address the challenges that face us.”