On-line heat flow Calorimetry // Simple Reaction Calorimetry data for non-specialists
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On-line calorimetry reaction tracking

On-line reaction Calorimetry is a simplified method for generating heat flow data from a chemical reaction - it provides the results automatically and in Real-Time. It is intended for non-calorimetery specialists and targeted at development chemists so that important safety and scale up information can be provided early using standard jacketed reactors. The methodology is rigorous but no calculation or knowledge of calorimetery by users is expected.

Heat flow reaction Calorimetry enables ...

Chemical Process Profiling

  • Indication of when reaction is complete
  • Deviations in kinetics or reaction mechanism
  • Comparison of different synthetic routes or process changes
  • Indicate if process is kinetic or dosing rate controlled

hazard Evaluation

  • Cooling duty needed when process is scaled up
  • Rise in temperature/pressure if the heat is not removed

Calorimetry for R&D chemists

Rigorous heat flow calorimetry theory has been imbedded into the reactor control software based on HEL's experience in safety and calorimetery established over many years. This has then been supplemented with procedures that enable sound heat flow rate data to be obtained without off-line calculation, hence saving time but also enabling access to the thermal data at an early stage of process development.

A combination of hardware probes and on-line calcuation characterises the reactor being used and this information is saved for subsequent use. Short cuts that have been well establised and shown to be realiable provide heat flow and enthalpy data at the end of each experiment.

The key features are the following:


  • Knowledge of theory or calcuation methodogy is not needed
  • Calculations are done automatically, on-line
  • No additional experimetal time is required