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H.E.L has a long history of solving complex customer challenges; with over 30 years of experience, our knowledge and insight can help you, the modern scientist, get the best out of your science.

Read more on industry insights and get tricks & tips for your chemistry, biotechnology, or safety applications.

Getting started with the PolyBLOCK

After recently starting at H.E.L, I’ve spent a lot of time getting familiar with the PolyBLOCK parallel reaction system. As well as a stand-alone system, the PolyBLOCK is a core component of many of the systems H.E.L supplies. I thought I’d share my observations about the PolyBLOCK and some facts you ...

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Innovative Bioreactor Publications

We’ve been continuing our literature research, this time focusing on some publications that discuss interesting bioreactor applications. As previously, we’ve prepared a short summary of each publication and provided direct links to the full article. Click on the title below to take you to our summary and further links: Isobutanol ...

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