On the 13th-14th December 2022, H.E.L Group participated in the 2022 New Energy Li-ion Battery Failure Analysis and Testing Technology Seminar held in Shanghai. It was H.E.L’s first talk at a conference since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The conference’s focus was the failure analysis and the analysis of the lifecycle of new energy lithium-ion batteries. The conference looked at the mechanism of thermal runaway in different systems, the types of battery failure, and battery components characterization. It allowed attendees to network with industry experts within the field.

H.E.L’s well-received presentation at the conference was on “HEL BTC-500 Accelerated Adiabatic Calorimeter Soft Pack Battery Test Method Introduction”, and it gave an insight into the influencing factors, testing methods, and data analysis associated with battery testing. It also delivered exclusive information on the BTC system and mass spectrometry solutions.