Company appoints Global Quality Manager, Production Manager and Global Service Manager to its senior team

Borehamwood, UK, 24th January 2020: H.E.L Group, a global manufacturer of innovative laboratory tools for process optimization, safety and scale-up, today announced the appointment of three new members to its senior team, who will focus primarily on strengthening production and service support for its scientific instrumentation and software. Prioritizing efficiency and quality of the customer experience, the three roles will work together to deliver continuous improvement for clients through shorter delivery schedules and quicker response times both pre- and post-sales.

The Company has appointed Roy Eggleston to the newly created role of Global Quality Manager, while Tony Heywood from AB Turnkey Solutions takes over Roy’s previous position as Production Manager. Meanwhile, John Forbes, formerly a Senior Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, joins as Global Service Manager

The new role of Global Quality Manager taken on by Roy Eggleston represents the Company’s commitment to expanding its presence worldwide, particularly in the emerging markets of India and China, where the demand for high-quality scientific tools is growing as these nations industrialize. Roy started his career in process optimization and scale-up 30 years ago as a Senior Development Chemist at Thermo Fisher Scientific. For the past 20 years, he has been an integral part of the H.E.L team, overseeing the manufacturing process for a wide range of laboratory tools.

Tony Heywood will work closely with Roy and the H.E.L team as Production Manager to help deliver bespoke laboratory solutions to customers in the fastest possible time. Tony has 25 years of cross-sector experience, including management roles with global electronics manufacturing businesses.

John Forbes, H.E.L’s new Global Service Manager, has over 35 years’ experience in service and support roles across electrical engineering, biomedical and life science sectors. In his most recent role at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he developed standard operating procedures and performance metrics to drive consistency in customer support for a global organization. At H.E.L, he will apply this experience to improve customer support, helping scientists to realize the full potential of their research.

Roy Eggleston, Global Quality Manager at H.E.L Group said: “Our three teams will be working together very closely to bring a much-enhanced experience to our customers. Now as a matter of routine, feedback from Service queries will trigger the Quality function to review and implement a quality improvement project, which in turn will become standard practice within the Production team. We anticipate that by completing this loop it will lead to us delivering ever-more robust systems and deeper customer service.”

Louise Madden, CEO of H.E.L Group commented: “Whether it be testing batteries, generating biofuels, or developing new medicines, H.E.L offers the tools to help scientists optimize and scale-up their R&D. The new investments in our team and management structure reflects our commitment to working together with our customers to solve complex problems, providing them with instrumentation, know-how and ongoing support. We’re pleased to have Roy take on his new role, and are excited to welcome Tony and John to the team.”  

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