H.E.L Group signs distribution agreement with ThalesNano Energy for H-Genie bench-top high-pressure hydrogen generator

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  • H-Genie smart, high pressure hydrogen generator now available alongside H.E.L’s catalysis product range
  • Provides bench-top access to 100-bar hydrogen gas, removing the need for cylinders or in-line supply

London, UK, 27th April 2021: H.E.L Group (H.E.L), a global developer and manufacturer of innovative laboratory tools for process optimization, safety and scale-up, today announced that it has signed a worldwide non-exclusive distribution agreement with ThalesNano Energy™, a developer of bench-top chemistry-focused gas generators. Covering the H-Genie® bench-top hydrogen generator and associated consumables, the agreement will provide H.E.L customers easy access to a safe, cost-effective, and space-saving alternative to traditional hydrogen cylinder installation or fixed-line supply.

The H-Genie provides a bench-top solution to high pressure lab hydrogen supply avoiding the current cost, safety and engineering challenges associated with laboratory set-up and maintenance of an ongoing fixed-line supply. Generating hydrogen from water up to 100 bar (1450 psi) and 1 NL/min, H-Genie removes the need for hydrogen cylinders, hydrogen lines, or compressors, combined with smart software that monitors hydrogen consumption and allows all reaction data to be easily exported.

Aimed at chemists and chemical engineers involved in catalysis studies, where high-pressure hydrogenation processes are often a key focus, the H-Genie complements H.E.L’s existing portfolio of products aimed at understanding catalytic processes. It is estimated that 85% of products manufactured involve catalysis somewhere in their production chain whether that be petrochemicals (or bio-equivalents), pharmaceuticals, new materials, transport and environment, or essential research & development.

Louise Madden, Chief Executive Officer of H.E.L Group, commented: “Understanding and addressing our customers’ lab-based challenges is central to our mission to help unleash the full potential of the scientific community. We are delighted to team up with ThalesNano Energy to expand our portfolio of tools and services for catalysis studies and provide a quick, easy solution to hydrogen supply in the lab particularly for our customers working with high-pressure applications.

Richard Jones, Chief Executive Officer at ThalesNano Energy, said: “From our side, working with H.E.L. was a ‘no brainer’. In addition to their excellent reputation in the catalysis field, there is a large degree of synergy between our product lines. We are excited to work with H.E.L to distribute our award-winning H-Genie hydrogen generator and to make high pressure hydrogen work accessible to every lab without the need for major reconfiguration or construction work. We look forward to building a strong working relationship with H.E.L through this strategic partnership.”

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