BioXplorer 400 | bench-top, parallel 4 bioreactor platform

The BioXplorer 400 is equipped with 4 bioreactors with working volumes of up to 400 ml. It is a fantastic tool for parallel bioprocess optimization. The highly configurable nature of their lid expands the testing capability for the bioprocess, choosing which probes to use to characterize in real time the critical parameters for the fermentation. Combined with H.E.L’s WinISO allows for the full automatization of aerobic fermentation.

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BioXplorer Specification Book


Parallel Bioreactor

The BioXplorer 400 has four bioreactors, allowing working volumes from 120 ml to 400ml, each meticulously optimized for aerobic fermentation. These bioreactors form the foundation of your bioprocessing endeavors, allowing you to undertake up to four parallel bioprocesses simultaneously. Whether it’s in-depth experimentation, parallel screening, or accelerated research, the BioXplorer 400 offers many possibilities.

Flexibility & Control

The wide range of probes available with the BioXplorer 400 enables the monitoring of critical parameters for the bioprocess for in-depth characterization. The responsiveness of WinISO allows for the fine control of critical parameters in fermentation through the implementation of automated feedback loops.

BioXplorer 400 is an incredible tool for the characterization and optimization of processes. The customizable configuration of the bioreactors allows for the careful selection of the parameters to track during the fermentation. With a choice of agitation, either magnetic or overhead, which enables a wider range of impellor speeds, allowing cultivation of shear sensitive cells at lower speeds. Higher impellor speeds increase gas transfer for increased cell densities or product yields.

Feature & Options

Specification Point BioXplorer 400
Number of independent parallel bioreactors 4
Bioreactor material Glass body, stainless steel lid
Total volume 500ml
Working volume 120 – 400 ml
Sterilization Autoclavable bioreactors (including sensors)
Temperature Range 0 – 130°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Stirrer drive Magnetically driven captive impeller or Overhead
Stirrer speed
  • Magnetically Driven – 250 – 1500 rpm
  • Overhead Agitation – 20- 2000rpm
Liquid additions with independent control for each bioreactor 2 as standard, options for upto 2 additional liquid feeds
Gas additions 1 set of 4 mass flow controllers allowing independent control for each reactor as standard, option for 1 additional set
Standard options for MFC calibration Air, oxygen as option
Gas spargers 1
Exhaust gas Peltier cooled condenser
pH control 1-way control (2-way control optional)
pH Sensing 0-14
Polarographic DO sensing Standard
DO control Gas/liquid flow rate, stirrer speed
BioVIS – Understand cell density trends without taking samples Optional
Foam/Level detection Optional
Control PC and software Windows® PC with WinISO control software preinstalled:

  • Fully independent control of all reactors
  • Advanced control strategies for stirring and liquid and gas additions based on feedback from sensors, time-based profiles, or event detection
  • Real-time display and logging of all reaction parameters
  • Easy export of data in a range of formats, including .csv


* The upper temperature limit for data acquisition from standard DO probes is 40 ˚C. Contact your local H.E.L Group representative to discuss alternative DO probes for use at elevated temperatures. The lower temperature limit requires integrated circulator option.

Technical Literature

The following is a list of supporting Technical Literature.

The use of a H.E.L BioXplorer in fermentations of Cupriavidus necator H16 at elevated pressure using CO2 as the sole carbon source


The following are a list of some technical publications which highlight the use of the equipment.

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05-Jun-2023 or purchase maybe required for full access)

Versioning biological cells for trustworthy cell engineering

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09-Feb-2022 or purchase maybe required for full access)

Harnessing Escherichia coli for bio-based production of formate under pressurized H2 and CO2 gases

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The following are a list of available downloads.

Biotechnology Solutions

BioXplorer Specification Book