BioXplorer 100 | bench-top, parallel 8 bioreactor platform

The BioXplorer 100 is a multi-bioreactor system designed for the optimization of aerobic fermentations. With a working volume as low as 50 ml,  the BioXplorer 100 allows for low-working volume processes. The design of the bioreactor’s lid enables customizable configurations, choosing from a wide range of probes and feeds. Controlled by WinISO, BioXplorer is designed to be a fully automatized system.

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BioXplorer Specification Book


Customizable configurations

The BioXplorer 100 features 8 configurable bioreactors, allowing working volumes ranging from 50-150ml.  The reactors can be controlled independently or in parallel with a range of probe/sensor configurations available.  The system’s modular design allows precise additions of liquids and gases, controlled by up to four sets of eight peristaltic pumps and up to two sets of mass flow controllers.

Optimized solutions for a range of applications

The BioXplorer 100 is optimized for aerobic fermentation and optimal growth. The highly configurable system allows more in-depth process insights and comprehensive data, enabling you to understand your processes better. A huge advantage of the BioXplorer 100 is the increased productivity from the eight parallel reactors, as they simultaneously allow the screening and high throughput of multiple processes.  Paired with WinISO, data acquisition in real-time can be used for monitoring the fermentation, and processes can be controlled live through the design of feedback loops.

Flexibility and control

BioXplorer 100 is equipped with a highly customizable range of sensors optimized for the process, allowing for the acquisition of high-throughput data in real-time. BioXplorer 100 is controlled by H.E.L’s WinISO, allowing for strict control of the parameters of the bioprocess. The automatization of processes based on on-line measurements allows for response to changes in the bioreactor through feedback loops.

Compact Parallel Bioreactors

Space and cost-efficient, the BioXplorer 100’s small bioreactors allow up to eight parallel bioprocesses to be run in a system with a small overall footprint. In contrast, the system’s low working volume (50 – 150 ml) minimizes reagent costs and fermentation times.  Although small in size, the bioreactors have been designed to be easy to use and for flexibility in sensor configuration to allow real-time data collection in real bioreactor settings.  The BioXplorer 100 offers an intelligent solution to overcome bioprocessing challenges.

Features and Options

Specification Point BioXplorer 100
Number of independent parallel bioreactors 8
Bioreactor material Glass body, stainless steel lid
Total volume 50-150ml
Sterilization Autoclavable bioreactors (including sensors)
Temperature Range 0 – 130°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Stirrer drive Magnetically driven captive impeller
Stirrer speed 250 – 1500 rpm
Auto re-couple Yes
Liquid additions with independent control for each bioreactor 2 as standard, options for upto 2 additional liquid feeds
Gas additions 1 set of 8 mass flow controllers allowing independent control for each reactor as standard, option for 1 additional set
Standard options for MFC calibration Air, oxygen as option
Gas spargers 1
Exhaust gas Peltier cooled condenser
pH control 1-way control (2-way control optional)
pH Sensing 0-14
Polarographic DO sensing Standard
DO control Gas/liquid flow rate, stirrer speed
BioVIS – Understand cell density trends without taking samples Optional
Foam/Level detection Optional
Control PC and software Windows® PC with WinISO control software preinstalled:

  • Fully independent control of all reactors
  • Advanced control strategies for stirring and liquid and gas additions based on feedback from sensors, time-based profiles, or event detection
  • Real-time display and logging of all reaction parameters
  • Easy export of data in a range of formats, including .csv


* The upper temperature limit for data acquisition from standard DO probes is 40 ˚C. Contact your local H.E.L Group representative to discuss alternative DO probes for use at elevated temperatures. The lower temperature limit requires integrated circulator option.

Technical Literature

The following is a list of supporting Technical Literature.

The use of a H.E.L BioXplorer in fermentations of Cupriavidus necator H16 at elevated pressure using CO2 as the sole carbon source


The following are a list of some technical publications which highlight the use of the equipment.

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Biotechnology Solutions

BioXplorer Specification Book