BioVIS | An Inline Cell Density Indicator Sensor

BioVIS is a probe for the inline monitoring of total cell growth and biomass within a bioreactor, enabling culture growth kinetics to be tracked and logged.  It removes or reduces the need for online sampling, thereby simplifying measurements, reducing contamination risks, and conserving the culture media volume.

The probe can be produced at any length, making it suitable for any desired vessel size, and it is compatible with all major brands of bioreactors.  The BioVIS Multiplex is designed for use with multiple bioreactors, enabling total cell density to be tracked across all parallel cultures

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Features and Options

  • No decrease in cell culture media volume as a result of sampling.
  • There is no need for dilutions or sampling, thereby streamlining measurements and decreasing contamination threats.
  • Probe lengths are provided for vessels of any size.
  • Track and log entire cell density in any bioreactor.
  • Integrated data logging option available with further temperature and pH monitoring functions.
  • Functional temperature range 0 ⁰C to 150 ⁰C.
  • Functional pressure range 0-10 bar.
  • Steam sterilizable up to 200 ⁰C and autoclavable.


The following are a list of available downloads.

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