BioXplorer 400XL | Expanded Bench-Top, Parallel 8 Bioreactor Platform

Featuring eight 500 ml bioreactors, the BioXplorer 400XL allows the fast optimization of critical parameters for aerobic fermentations. The parallel bioprocess capabilities of BioXplorer 400XL, combined with the customizable configuration of the bioreactor lid, unlocks the possibility of choosing what parameters to measure in real-time. Combined with the WinISO, the BioXplorer 400XL is able to respond to the change happening in the bioprocess, allowing for complete automatization of the fermentation.

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BioXplorer Specification Book


Enhanced Bioreactor System

The BioXplorer 400XL has eight bioreactors, each optimized for aerobic fermentation and each allowing 120 mL – 400 mL working volume. These bioreactors can be equipped with a wide variety of probes and sensors, and the system offers multiple gas and liquid feed configurations. The ability to precisely control and monitor up to eight bioprocesses in parallel greatly accelerates screening and optimization studies, leading to more profound process knowledge and faster scale-up.

Flexibility and control

BioXplorer 400XL combines increased larger volumes with the replication and parallelization capabilities of having eight independent reactors controlled by WinISO. This software monitors the parameters of interest in the bioreactor and, at the same time, permits stringent control over them, always maintaining ideal conditions within the reactor. Combined with the ability to customize and the flexibility and variety of liquid and gas pumps and agitation, it results in great tools to characterize and optimize bioprocesses.

Features and Options

Specification Point BioXplorer 400XL
Number of independent parallel bioreactors 8
Bioreactor material Glass body, stainless steel lid
Total volume 500ml
Working volume 120 – 400 ml
Sterilization Autoclavable bioreactors (including sensors)
Temperature Range 0 – 130°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Stirrer drive Magnetically driven captive impeller or Overhead
Stirrer speed
  • Magnetically Driven – 250 – 1500 rpm
  • Overhead Agitation – 20- 2000rpm
Auto re-couple
  • Magnetically Driven – Yes
  • Overhead Agitation – N/A
Liquid additions with independent control for each bioreactor Magnetically Driven – 2 as standard, options for up to 2 additional liquid feeds
Gas additions 1 set of 8 mass flow controllers allowing independent control for each reactor as standard, option for 1 additional set
Standard options for MFC calibration Air, oxygen as option
Gas spargers 1
Exhaust gas Peltier cooled condenser
pH control 1-way control (2-way control optional)
pH Sensing 0-14
Polarographic DO sensing Standard
DO control Gas/liquid flow rate, stirrer speed (Optional)
BioVIS – Understand cell density trends without taking samples Optional
Foam/Level detection Optional
Control PC and software Windows® PC with WinISO control software preinstalled:

  • Fully independent control of all reactors
  • Advanced control strategies for stirring and liquid and gas additions based on feedback from sensors, time-based profiles, or event detection
  • Real-time display and logging of all reaction parameters
  • Easy export of data in a range of formats, including .csv


*The upper temperature limit for data acquisition from standard DO probes is 40 ˚C. Contact your local H.E.L Group representative to discuss alternative DO probes for use at elevated temperatures. The lower temperature limit requires integrated circulator option.


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Biotechnology Solutions

BioXplorer Specification Book