Hazard screening, safety testing, and performance characterization solutions for Battery Testing and Process Safety Industries.

If you are screening processes and reactions to establish safe working parameters, you need data that you can rely on to ensure the safety of your colleagues, your facilities, and the wider public. Detecting exothermic runaways, dangerous gas generation, and safety control measures are critical to designing your processes for safety at scale. If you are investigating a plant-scale runaway, this data is crucial for root-cause analysis and control measures.

Designing batteries and their safe working limits also requires accurate detection of catastrophic failures and the conditions that lead to them. This can be anything from operating temperatures, incorrect installation, or charging to physical damage to the battery.

With a long heritage of safety and hazard evaluation, H.E.L Group has a range of solutions to support your safety and hazard testing requirements.

Floor Standing iso-BTC+

iso-BTC+ | Floor Standing, Battery Performance Testing, Isothermal Calorimeter

Builds on the iso-BTC by allowing for testing of even higher power and physically larger batteries…

BTC-130 Product Icon

BTC-130 | Bench Top, Battery Safety Testing, Adiabatic Calorimeter

Enables the testing of thermal, electrical, and mechanical stress tests on smaller battery cells.…

BTC-500 Product Icon

BTC-500 | Large-Scale, Battery Testing, Adiabatic Calorimeter

Enables the testing of thermal, electrical, and mechanical stress tests on larger battery cells….

iso-BTC Product Icon

iso-BTC | Bench-Top, Battery Testing, Isothermal Calorimeter

For the characterization of thermal behavior and electrical performance of battery cells…

TSu Product Image

TSu | Thermal and Pressure Hazard Screening Platform

For the rapid screening of hazards in reaction mixes and samples.…

Phi-Tec Product Image

Phi-TEC I | Bench-Top, Adiabatic Calorimeter

An adiabatic calorimeter for the characterization of thermal runaway hazards.…

Phi-TEC Product Icon

Phi-TEC II | Bench-Top, Low Phi-Factor, Adiabatic Calorimeter

An adiabatic calorimeter, for the replication of manufacturing plant conditions on a lab-scale…

Simular Product Icon

Simular | Process Development Reaction Calorimeter

A reaction calorimeter to investigate the thermal properties of a chemical reaction …

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Battery Performance and Safety Testing