Streamline your process R&D workflow

From multiple small-scale reactions to pilot scale, H.E.L Group has you covered.

Customizable solutions for your process development chemistry

The best solutions for your process R&D needs, including demanding high-pressure and, high-temperature chemistry, calorimetry, and crystallization studies. Our suite of automated, software-controlled instruments includes everything needed for safe and reproducible process chemistry as your projects go up in scale.

Our proprietary software manages this comprehensive range of reaction systems for chemical research, development, optimization, and scale-up. For a better user experience and increased productivity, use labCONSOL® for temperature control, overhead stirring, data recording, and so much more.


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Having confidence that new equipment will meet your needs is so important. That’s why H.E.L works closely with clients to create individual solutions that are a perfect fit for them, their location and budget.

That continues as needs change over time. Whether for system upgrades, training new recruits or process support, our dedicated teams and knowledgeable staff are here for you. Contact them any time.

Equipment tailored to your needs

H.E.L has a well-established history of developing tailored, automated reactor solutions for all chemical and pharmaceutical industries. See more of our in-built features and expandable options for your process development chemistry.

PolyBLOCK Product Icon

PolyBLOCK | Compact Automated Parallel Synthesis Platform

Flexible and compact multi-reactor system offering independent agitation and temp control…

AutoMATE Product Icon

AutoMATE | Linear, Automated Parallel Synthesis Platform

For use in general chemical synthesis within R&D and process development…

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AutoLAB | Bench-Top Automated Reactor System

Customizable reactor platforms designed, configured, and tailored to you…