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H.E.L has a broad range of products that are used for many different applications. Our equipment has been used in many cutting-edge studies and scientific breakthroughs. Here is a selection of publications that feature our products and have been organized into application area.

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Understanding the agglomerate crystallisation of hexamine through X-ray microscopy and crystallographic modelling

Author(s): Thai T.H. Nguyen, Parmesh Gajjar, Jun Sun, Robert B. Hammond, Darragh Murnane, Benjamin Tordoff, Erik Lauridsen, Philip J. Withers and Kevin J. Roberts

Date: 01/02/2023

Product(s) used

Determination of Nucleation Kinetics from the Induction Time of 1,1-Diamino-2,2-Dinitroethylene (FOX-7) in DMSO/Water

Author(s): Siqi Fan, Xiaofei Gu, Xin Zhou, Xiaohui Duan, Hongzhen Li

Date: 01/12/2020

Product(s) used

Structural analysis of metastable pharmaceutical loratadine form II, by 3D electron diffraction and DFT+D energy minimisation

Author(s): Grahame R. Woollam, *a Partha P. Das, *b Enrico Mugnaioli, c Iryna Andrusenko, c Athanassios S. Galanis,b Jacco van de Streek, d Stavros Nicolopoulos,b Mauro Gemmi c and Trixie Wagnere

Date: 01/10/2020

Product(s) used

Rapid synthesis of sodium-rich Prussian white for Sodium-ion battery via a bottom-up approach

Author(s): Yuming Xi Yangcheng Lu

Date: 01/08/2020

Product(s) used

Tailoring morphology and bulk density of magnesium ethoxide particles by adding n-hexane and silicone oil

Author(s): Zhou Lan, Yangcheng Lu

Date: 01/04/2020

Product(s) used

Enantioselective Synthesis of a γ-Secretase Modulator via Vinylogous Dynamic Kinetic Resolution

Author(s): Neil A. Strotman,* Antonio Ramirez, Eric M. Simmons, Omid Soltani, Andrew T. Parsons, Yu Fan, James R. Sawyer, Thorsten Rosner, Jacob M. Janey, Kristy Tran, Jun Li, Thomas E. La Cruz,Charles Pathirana, Alicia T. Ng, and Joerg Deerberg

Date: 13/08/2018

Product(s) used

Formation mechanism of aroma compounds in a glutathione-glucose reaction with fat or oxidized fat

Author(s): J. Zhao, T. Wang, J. Xie, Q. Xiao, J. Cheng, F. Chen, S. Wang and B. Sun,

Date: 01/07/2018

Product(s) used

First Total Synthesis and Structural Confirmation of C13-Butylrubber Oligomers

Author(s): Fabrizio Minicone Robin Attrill Michael Hodgson Katherine Wheelhouse Adrian Dobbs

Date: 01/05/2018

Product(s) used

Study of the Solubility, Supersolubility and Metastable Zone Width of Li2CO3 in the LiCl−NaCl−KCl−Na2SO4 System from 293.15 to 353.15K

Author(s): Huaiyou Wang, Baoqiang Du, and Min Wang

Date: 01/04/2018

Product(s) used

Solubility of 1,1-diamino-2,2-dinitroethylene in different pure solvents and binary mixtures (dimethyl sulfoxide + water) and (N,N-dimethylformamide + water) at different temperatures

Author(s): Lu Liu Hongzhen Li Dong Chen Xiaoqing Zhou Qi Huang Haijun Yang

Date: 01/12/2017

Product(s) used

L-Tyrosine production by recombinant Escherichia coli: Fermentation optimization and recovery

Author(s): Ranjan Patnaik, Raymond R. Zolandz, Daniel A. Green, David F. Kraynie

Date: 01/12/2017

Product(s) used

Production of Biomass-Based Automotive Lubricants by Reductive Etherification

Author(s): Jadhav, Deepak Grippo, Adam M Shylesh, Sankaranarayanapillai Gokhale, Amit A Redshaw, John Bell, Alexis T

Date: 01/04/2017

Product(s) used

Influence of Process Parameters on the Heterogeneous Nucleation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients onto Excipients

Author(s): R. Arribas Bueno, C. Crowley, B. Hodnett, S. Hudson and P. Davern, Org. Process. Res. Dev., 2017, 21, 559-570.

Date: 01/03/2017

Product(s) used

Synthesis, characterization and performance of bifunctional catalysts for the synthesis of menthol from citronellal

Author(s): J. Dam, A. Ramanathan, K. Djanashvili, F. Kapteijn and U. Hanefeld, RSC Adv., 2017, 7, 12041-12053.

Date: 20/02/2017

Product(s) used

Quantitative Differences in Sulfur Poisoning Phenomena over Ruthenium and Palladium: An Attempt To Deconvolute Geometric and Electronic Poisoning Effects Using Model Catalysts

Author(s): Amy Kolpin,† Glenn Jones,‡ Simon Jones,† Weiran Zheng,† James Cookson,‡ Andrew P. E. York,‡ Paul J. Collier,‡ and Shik Chi Edman Tsang*

Date: 01/12/2016

Product(s) used

Kinetics of hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis of 2,5-dimethylfuran over noble metals catalysts under mild conditions

Author(s): Ying Lin Louie, Joseph Tang, Alexander M.L. Hell, Alexis T. Bell

Date: 01/09/2016

Product(s) used

Solubility, Metastable Zone Width, and Nucleation Kinetics of Boric Acid in the NaCl–KCl–CaCl2–H2O System

Author(s): Jiaoyu Peng,†,‡ Naijin Dong,†,‡ Yaping Dong,*,† Zheng Pan,§ and Wu Li

Date: 01/10/2015

Product(s) used

Cooling crystallization of aluminum sulfate in pure water

Author(s): Xiaoxue Sun Yuzhu Sun Jianguo Yu

Date: 01/03/2015

Product(s) used

Interstitial modification of palladium nanoparticles with boron atoms as a green catalyst for selective hydrogenation

Author(s): Chun Wong Aaron Chan, Abdul Hanif Mahadi, Molly Meng-Jung Li, Elena Cristina Corbos, Chiu Tang, Glenn Jones, Winson Chun Hsin Kuo, James Cookson, Christopher Michael Brown, Peter Trenton Bishop & Shik Chi Edman Tsang

Date: 01/12/2014

Product(s) used

Evaluation of the difficulty of crystallization of organic compounds using the critical supersaturation ratio (Sc)

Author(s): Daiki Nagamatsu Yasuo Ida Hiroshi Takiyama

Date: 01/08/2014

Product(s) used

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