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Adiabatic and Isothermal Calorimeters

H.E.L has a broad range of products that are used for many different applications. Our equipment has been used in many cutting-edge studies and scientific breakthroughs. Here is a selection of publications that feature our products and have been organized into application area.

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Effects of metal ions on thermal hazard of tert-butyl peroxy-3, 5, 5-trimethylhexanoate

Author(s): Xiang-Hui Shi, Yong Pana, Xin Zhang, Yan-Jun Wang, Li Xia, Jun-Cheng Jiang and Chi-Min Shu

Date: 01/02/2023

Product(s) used

Effects of typical additives on the thermal stability of ammonium peroxydisulfate

Author(s): Mingju Jing, Yingnan Zhang, Jianpeng Wang, Juncheng Jiang Chi-Min Shu and Bin Zhang

Date: 06/01/2023

Product(s) used

Thermal stability evaluation of tert-butyl peroxybenzoate mixed with impurities

Author(s): Yilin Zhao, Nengcheng Zhou, Min Hua, Xiuxia Guo, Wenxing Zhang, Huichun Jiang, Xuhai Pan & Juncheng Jiang

Date: 02/11/2022

Product(s) used

On the Breakage of High Aspect Ratio Crystals in Filter Beds under Continuous Percolation

Author(s): F. M. Mahdi, A. P. Shier, I. S. Fragkopoulos, J. Carr, P. Gajjar and F. L. Muller

Date: 29/10/2022

Product(s) used

Revealing the failure mechanisms of lithium-ion batteries during dynamic overcharge

Author(s): Guangxu Zhang, Xuezhe Wei, Jiangong Zhu, Siqi Chen, Guangshuai Han and Haifeng Dai

Date: 30/09/2022

Product(s) used

Robust Self-Standing Single-Ion Polymer Electrolytes Enabling High-Safety Magnesium Batteries at Elevated Temperature

Author(s): Xuesong Ge, Fuchen Song, Aobing Du, Yaojian Zhang, Bin Xie, Lang Huang, Jingwen Zhao, Shanmu Dong, Xinhong Zhou and Guanglei Cui

Date: 29/06/2022

Product(s) used

Single-crystal structure helps enhance the thermal performance of Ni-rich layered cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries

Author(s): Xiangbang Kong, Yige Zhang, Jiyang Li, Huiya Yang, Pengpeng Dai, Jing Zeng and Jinbao Zhao

Date: 15/04/2022

Product(s) used

High performance polyimide-based separator for 4.5V high voltage LiCoO2 battery with superior safety

Author(s): Kecong Yang, Zelin Liu, Jingchao Chai, Yun Zheng, Xiangnan Fu, Yang huan Shen, Jia Chen, Zhihong Liu and Shengwei Shi

Date: 15/04/2022

Product(s) used

Use of isoperibolic reaction calorimeter for the study of reaction kinetics of acetic anhydride hydrolysis reaction: Effect of acetic anhydride and water ratio

Author(s): Rajendra Kumar and Anurag Kumar Tiwari

Date: 06/04/2022

Product(s) used

Thermal Hazards of Synthesizing a Grignard Reagent under Different Dosing Rates

Author(s): Wei Wang , Jiancun Gao , Chenguang Shi, Shengnan Wang, Yujing Li, Xiong Dai, and Tianmeng Jiang

Date: 01/03/2022

Product(s) used

Thermal hazards evaluation of the synthesis of N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide

Author(s): Jiancun Gao, Chenguang Shi, Sisi Liu, Shengnan Wang and Wei Wang

Date: 18/09/2021

Product(s) used

A detailed kinetic model for the thermal decomposition of hydroxylamine

Author(s): Gianmaria Pio, Paolo Mocellin, Chiara Vianello, Ernesto Salzano

Date: 01/08/2021

Product(s) used

Analysis of thermal hazards of tertbutylperoxy2ethylhexyl carbonate by calorimetric technique

Author(s): Juan Zhou, Chen-Ye Wei, Min Hua, Xu-Hai Pan, Xin-Miao Liang, An-Dong Yu, Cyril G. Suetor & Jun-Cheng Jiang

Date: 06/03/2021

Product(s) used

Analysis of thermal hazards of tert-butylperoxy-2-ethylhexyl carbonate by calorimetric technique

Author(s): Juan Zhou Chen-Ye Wei Min Hua, Xu-Hai Pan, Xin-Miao Liang, An-Dong Yu, Cyril G. Suetor and Jun-Cheng Jiang

Date: 06/03/2021

Product(s) used

Revealing the multilevel thermal safety of lithium batteries

Author(s): Gaojie Xu, Lang Huang, Chenglong Lu, Xinhong Zhou, Guanglei Cui

Date: 01/10/2020

Product(s) used

Effects of Overdischarge Rate on Thermal Runaway of NCM811 Li-Ion Batteries

Author(s): Dong Wang, Lili Zheng, Xichao Li, Guangchao Du, Zhichao Zhang, Yan Feng, Longzhou Jia and Zuoqiang Dai

Date: 30/07/2020

Product(s) used

Study on the Performance of Parallel Air-Cooled Structure and Optimized Design for Lithium-Ion Battery Module

Author(s): Shuai Pan, Changwei Ji, Shuofeng Wang & Bing Wang

Date: 28/07/2020

Product(s) used

Ante-mortem analysis, electrical, thermal, and ageing testing of state-of-the-art cylindrical lithium-ion cells

Author(s): Hartmut Popp, Ningxin Zhang, Marcus Jahn, Mikel Arrinda, Simon Ritz, Matthias Faber, Dirk Uwe Sauer, Philippe Azais & Iosu Cendoya

Date: 16/06/2020

Product(s) used

Continuous Safety Improvements to Avoid Runaway Reactions: The Case of a Chloro-Thiadiazole Intermediate Synthesis toward Timolol

Author(s): Alessandro Agosti, Silvia Panzeri, Federico Gassa, Massimo Magnani, Giulia Forni, Marco Quaroni, Lazzaro Feliciani and Giorgio Bertolini

Date: 19/05/2020

Product(s) used

In-Operando Impedance Spectroscopy and Ultrasonic Measurements during High-Temperature Abuse Experiments on Lithium-Ion Batteries

Author(s): Hendrik Zappen, Georg Fuchs and Alexander Gitis and Dirk Uwe Sauer

Date: 22/04/2020

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