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H.E.L has a broad range of products that are used for many different applications. Our equipment has been used in many cutting-edge studies and scientific breakthroughs. Here is a selection of publications that feature our products and have been organized into application area.

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Safety Parameters and Preliminary Decomposition Kinetic of Organo-Peroxy Acids in Aqueous Phase

Author(s): Chiara Vianello, Ernesto Salzano , Giuseppe Maschio*

Date: 01/05/2015

Product(s) used

Oscillatory carbonylation of phenylacetylene in the absence of externally supplied oxidant

Author(s): Lynn Donlon, Julie Parker and Katarina Novakovic

Date: 19/02/2014

Product(s) used

Inherently safer reactors: Improved efficiency of 3-picoline N-oxidation in the temperature range 110–125 °C

Author(s): Alba Pineda-Solano, Lina Saenz-Noval, Subramanya Nayak, Simon Waldram, Maria Papadakic and M. Sam Mannan

Date: 05/11/2012

Product(s) used

Thermal Decomposition Analysis and Safety Study on Di-tert-butyl Peroxide

Author(s): Lv Jiayu, Chen Wanghua, Chen Liping, Tian Yingtao, Sun Xin

Date: 01/10/2012

Product(s) used

Toward an inherently safer design and operation of batch and semi-batch processes: The N-oxidation of alkylpyridines

Author(s): Alba Pineda-Solanoa, Lina R.Saenza, Victor Carreto, Maria Papadaki and M. Sam Mannan

Date: 05/09/2012

Product(s) used

Calorimetric studies on the thermal stability of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) formulations

Author(s): Stephen R.Graham, Robert Hodgson, Luc Vechota, M.Iqbal Essa

Date: 01/11/2011

Product(s) used

Reaction calorimetric analysis of batch cooling crystallization processes: studies of urea in supersaturated water–methanol solutions

Author(s): Xiaojun Lai, Kevin J. Roberts, Joakim Svensson and Graeme White

Date: 03/02/2011

Product(s) used

2-Bromo-3-(cyclohexyloxy)acrylaldehyde: An Isolable Enol Ether of Bromomalonaldehyde Suitable for Use in the Manufacture of Imidazolecarboxaldehydes

Author(s): Terrence J. Connolly*, Michael W. Disharoon, Vladimir Dragan, Joseph J. Lewis, Peter Wehrenberg, and Ralph Zhao

Date: 21/10/2010

Product(s) used

Aminodifluorosulfinium Salts: Selective Fluorination Reagents with Enhanced Thermal Stability and Ease of Handling

Author(s): Alexandre L’Heureux, Francis Beaulieu, Christopher Bennett, David R. Bill, Simon Clayton, François LaFlamme, Mahmoud Mirmehrabi, Sam Tadayon, David Tovell, and Michel Couturier

Date: 21/04/2010

Product(s) used

The influence of reaction temperature on the oscillatory behaviour in the palladium-catalysed phenylacetylene oxidative carbonylation reaction

Author(s): Katarina Novakovic,* Ankur Mukherjee, Mark Willis, Allen Wright and Steve Scott

Date: 01/08/2009

Product(s) used

A New Autocatalytic Thioacetate-Enal Addition Reaction: A Michael Addition or Not?

Author(s): Lijun Liu, Maria Papadaki, Elen Pontiki, Panagiota Stathi, William J.Rogers and M. Sam Mannan

Date: 15/06/2009

Product(s) used

Isothermal decomposition of hydroxylamine and hydroxylamine nitrate in aqueous solutions in the temperature range 80–160 ◦C

Author(s): LijunLiua, Maria Papadaki, Eleni Pontiki, Panagiota Stathi, William J. Rogers and M. Sam Mannan

Date: 15/06/2009

Product(s) used

A Convenient and Stable Synthon for Ethyl Azide and Its Evaluation in a [3 + 2]-Cycloaddition Reaction under Continuous-Flow Conditions

Author(s): Rob Tinder, Roger Farr, Richard Heid, Ralph Zhao, Randy S. Rarig, Jr., and Thomas Storz

Date: 28/05/2009

Product(s) used

Thermal Behavior of Aqueous Solutions of Hydroxylamine During Isothermal and Isoperibolic Decomposition in a Closed System

Author(s): Maria I. Papadaki, Eleni Pontiki, Lijun Liu, William J. Rogers, and M. Sam Mannan

Date: 19/05/2009

Product(s) used

Simple Procedure for Optimally Scaling-up Fine Chemical Processes. I. Practical Tools

Author(s): Francesco Maestri, Sabrina Copelli, Renato Rota*, Lucia Gigante, Angelo Lunghi, and Paolo Cardillo

Date: 12/01/2009

Product(s) used

A Practical Method For Stabilizing Lithiated Halogenated Aromatic Compounds

Author(s): Thimma Rawalpally, Yaohui Ji, Ashish Shankar, William Edwards, Joshua Allen, Yong Jiang, Thomas P. Cleary, and Michael E. Pierce

Date: 15/10/2008

Product(s) used

Kinetics Estimation and Single and Multi-Objective Optimization of a Seeded, Anti-Solvent, Isothermal Batch Crystallizer

Author(s): M. Trifkovic, M. Sheikhzadeh, and S. Rohani

Date: 01/02/2008

Product(s) used

Fuzzy logic and rigid control of a seeded semi-batch, anti-solvent, isothermal crystallizer

Author(s): M. Sheikhzadeh M. Trifkovic and S. Rohani

Date: 01/02/2008

Product(s) used

Utilising high throughput technologies for the determination of the reaction network of the L-proline catalysed aldol reaction

Author(s): Katarina Novakovic, Mark J. Willis and Allen R. Wright

Date: 23/01/2008

Product(s) used

Safety Concerns Regarding the Transportation of Organic Powders on Dry Ice: How CO 2 Adsorption Can Lead to Powder Spills

Author(s): Wim Dermaut*, Jan van Dun, Jan De Kock, Ivan Vervest, and Christine Fannes

Date: 01/01/2008

Product(s) used

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