H.E.L has a broad range of products that are used for many different applications. Our equipment has been used in many cutting-edge studies and scientific breakthroughs. Here is a selection of publications that feature our products and have been organized into application area.

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Monitoring and Feedback Control of Supersaturation Using ATR-FTIR to Produce an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient of a Desired Crystal Size

Author(s): Vincenzo Liotta* and Vijay Sabesan

Date: 01/05/2004

H.E.L Product(s) used

On-Line Monitoring of a Crystallization Process

Author(s): Patricia Mougin, Alistair Thomas, Derek Wilkinson, Graeme White, Kevin J. Roberts, Norbert Herrmann, Robert Jack and Richard Tweedie

Date: 16/04/2004

H.E.L Product(s) used

Different scale experimental techniques to approach the problem of substances generated in the loss of control of chemical systems: a study on ethyl diazoacetate decomposition

Author(s): Katia Marsanich, Federica Barontini, Valerio Cozzani, Alain Creemers, Ronald Kerstend

Date: 01/01/2004

H.E.L Product(s) used

Calorimetric Approach and Simulation for Scale-Up of a Friedel−Crafts Reaction

Author(s): Lucia Gigante, Angelo Lunghi, Simone Martinelli, Paolo Cardillo, Luca Picello, Roberto Bortolaso, Marco Galvagni, and Renato Rota

Date: 06/11/2003

H.E.L Product(s) used

Automated Measurement of Metastable Zones for Pharmaceutical Compounds

Author(s): A.R. Parsons, S.N. Black and R. Colling

Date: 11/03/2003

H.E.L Product(s) used

In-Process ATR-FTIR Spectroscopy for Closed-Loop Supersaturation Control of a Batch Crystallizer Producing Monosodium Glutamate Crystals of Defined Size

Author(s): Heidi Gro, Antonia Borissova, and Kevin J. Roberts*

Date: 01/11/2002

H.E.L Product(s) used

A Comparison of Reaction Hazard Screening Techniques

Author(s): D. J. Dale

Date: 31/10/2002

H.E.L Product(s) used

Thermal Stability: A Review of Methods and Interpretation of Data

Author(s): Stephen M. Rowe

Date: 12/10/2002

H.E.L Product(s) used

Towards Improved Reaction Runaway Studies: Kinetics of the N-Oxidation of 2-Methylpyridine Using Heat-flow Calorimetry

Author(s): M.Papadaki, V. Stoikou, D. Mantzavinos and J.L.Rodriguez Miranda

Date: 01/07/2002

H.E.L Product(s) used

Scale-Up of a Vilsmeier Formylation Reaction: Use of HEL Auto-MATE and Simulation Techniques for Rapid and Safe Transfer to Pilot Plant from Laboratory

Author(s): Ulrich C. Dyer, David A. Henderson, Mark B. Mitchell, and Peter D. Tiffin

Date: 24/04/2002

H.E.L Product(s) used

Scale-Up of a Vilsmeier Formylation Reaction:  Use of HEL Auto-MATE and Simulation Techniques for Rapid and Safe Transfer to Pilot Plant from Laboratory

Author(s): Ulrich C. Dyer, David A. Henderson, Mark B. Mitchell, and Peter D. Tiffin

Date: 01/04/2002

H.E.L Product(s) used

The multiple runaway-reaction behavior prediction of MEK–oxidation reactions

Author(s): Horng-Jang Liaw, Chung-Jen Chen & Ching-Chir Yur

Date: 01/10/2001

H.E.L Product(s) used

Determination of the onset of crystallization of N1-2-(thiazolyl) sulfanilamide (sulfathiazole) by UV-Vis and calorimetry using an automated reaction platform

Author(s): Joanne E. Anderson, Shane Moore, Frank Tarczynski and Dwight Walker

Date: 01/08/2001

H.E.L Product(s) used

The Use of Adiabatic Calorimetry for the Process Analysis and Safety Evaluation in Free Radical Polymerization

Author(s): G. Maschio, J. A. Feliu, J. Ligthart, I. Ferrara & C. Bassani

Date: 01/10/1999

H.E.L Product(s) used

An integrated calorimetric approach for the scale-up of polymerization reactors

Author(s): Giuseppe Maschio, Isabella Ferrara, Carlo Bassani, Hans Nieman

Date: 01/07/1999

H.E.L Product(s) used

Thermal characterization of the polymerization of methyl methacrylate

Author(s): J.A. Feliu, C. Sottile, C. Bassani, J. Ligthart & G. Maschio

Date: 10/09/1998

H.E.L Product(s) used

Some Reaction Safety Aspects of Ruthenium-Catalyzed Allylic Oxidations of Δ-5-Steroids in the Pilot Plant

Author(s): Michael Harre, Reinhard Haufe, Klaus Nickisch, Peter Weinig, Hilmar Weinmann, William A. Kinney, and Xuehai Zhang

Date: 24/02/1998

H.E.L Product(s) used

Applications of reaction calorimetry in reaction kinetics and thermal hazard evaluation

Author(s): Yih-Shing Duh, Chang-Chia Hsu, Chen-Shan Kao, Shuh Woei Yu

Date: 10/08/1996

H.E.L Product(s) used

221 - 238 of 238 Publications